Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

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Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

For a long time smokers, the thought of never lighting up one of those white sticks again can bring feelings of concern and anxiety. While it can be difficult to give up the crutch that is the cigarette, the benefits outweigh the negatives. Being able to push forward and make that change can have a drastic effect on your life and future.

You don’t need to give up everything all at once. Cutting down or, better yet, switching to vaping, (find e-liquid on 88vape), can help you on your journey towards becoming tobacco free. While some can simply stop smoking without much ordeal, it is more of a challenge for others. Due to this, you need to see the coming days and weeks as your own personal journey, and avoid comparing any side effects or emotions you might have to that of any other person.


As science advances, we are steadily being given more information regarding just how toxic cigarettes are for the body. Despite the fact that smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer, people still take up the habit.

For those who have a genetic predisposition to cancer due to a family member having it, it is even more important that any smoking is removed.
Even for those who do not have a history of cancer in the family, you can greatly improve your chances of a longer life when you switch out the cigarettes. While there hasn’t been sufficient time to be able to conduct as in-depth studies on vaping, research is already showing that it benefits those who are trying to ditch their tobacco habit.


Studies have found that the offspring of smokers are more likely to smoke themselves. While you can never guarantee what your child will do, especially when they become autonomous adults, any parent wants to make choices that will positively impact their child’s future. For this reason, it is important that you quit smoking as soon as possible. Even if you already have children, stopping now can still show them that it was a foolish life choice on your part.


Smoking costs a lot of money. In a society where the prices of everything you need to survive are constantly rising, it can be more beneficial to remove any unhealthy habits and keep that money for something more essential. A year’s worth of cigarettes can cost the same as a decent second-hand car, or even a holiday abroad for a family of four. Bearing that in mind, quitting smoking could help free up your finances for things that really matter.

Choosing to quit smoking may not seem like a big deal, but it can have a massive effect on your life. From better lung capacity to a lower risk of sudden death, as well as more money in the bank, you may end up wondering why you didn’t quit sooner!

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A Beginner’s Guide to E-Cigarettes

All about E-Cigarettes

At the most simplistic level, the electronic cigarette is an alternative delivery system for nicotine intake. According to research by the CDC, smoking traditional tobacco is responsible for approximately one of every five deaths in the UK. Unfortunately, the irony of the situation is that ingredients causing smoking-related conditions are not significant components in the cigarette. Smokers inhale, carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, arsenic, and large quantities of carcinogens all with the aim of gaining access to nicotine. This is why electronic cigarettes exist – to avoid placing yourself in danger to access nicotine.


What Is The Electronic Cigarette Or Smokeless Cigarette?

Rather than combusting tobacco leaves with the aim of producing thick, pungent smoke from traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette (also known as an e-cigarette or e-cig) utilizes pharmaceutical-grade nicotine heated to produce a type of vapour. This is not the same as smoking as you do not have smoke rising from the boiling liquid – nothing is burning, it is only heated. The e-cigarette performs the function with a nicotine-infused liquid, and because the ingredients in the liquid are controlled by the number of chemicals being consumed are reduced dramatically.

Electronic cigarettes are created to appear as cigarettes, but the majority of them a slightly thicker in size. On the majority of models, a person will find the ‘butt’ end screws onto a long part of the fake cigarette to create a realistic appearance. Some e-cigarette manufacturers place speckled effects on the ends of the item to make them appear like a traditional tobacco e-liquid flavour, as well as allowing the tip to light up when being inhaled similar to the ember of a standard cigarette.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Operate?

There are three separate components to an electronic cigarette. The batter is typically a lithium ion and this is the longer portion of the electronic cigarette. There are two pieces involved in the screw-on cartridge known as the e-liquid and the atomizer. The atomizer may seem complicated, but it is purely a miniscule heater utilized to heat the nicotine-containing liquid into a consumable vapour. The procedure is relatively straightforward as the concentrated heat supplies energy to the e-liquid allowing atoms to bond and form a smoke-like vapour. The battery drives the atomizer and will be activated when the consumer inhales via the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece.

The e-liquid utilized is typically a combination of different ingredients. The first ingredient is nicotine which is considered a safe drug by London’s Royal College of Physicians, the propylene which is utilized in asthma inhalers.

What Are The Different Advantages Of Electronic Cigarettes?

From the electronic cigarette user’s perspective, they can screw the cartridge into the battery inhaling on the end of the item similar to a traditional cigarette. The only difference between a standard and electronic cigarette is that there is no smoke, which means there will be no burning, smell or ash. Nothing other than the nicotine and flavourings to make the e-cigarette to make it taste pleasant are similar. Tar, carcinogens, infirmity, and disease are no longer concerns when consuming nicotine via an electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette has been developed to reduce the harm caused by traditional cigarettes. Evidence has shown that tobacco is responsible for many deaths and by switching to electronic cigarettes the smokers could still receive the sensation of nicotine without any of the risks. The benefits of electronic cigarettes can be seen here.

How Do You Begin Using Electronic Cigarettes?

If you are prepared to utilize electronic cigarettes and move away from traditional tobacco options, then review the latest expert e-cigarette reviews available. By perusing these reviews you will be able to locate the most suitable electronic cigarette brand on the market. If you are unsure whether e-cigarettes are suitable for you, then it may be best, to begin with, a disposable electronic cigarette option. These options do not cost much more than standard starter kits and would be good starting options.