Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Review And Giveaway

We were gifted Uncle Bubble Mega Loop to review this week and we also have one to giveaway. Uncle Bubble are bubble experts and this fun kit contains all you need to create bubbles bigger than you!

Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Kit

Uncle Bubble Mega Loop

The portable Mega Loop kit can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors, at home, school, the park, absolutely anywhere. The kit comes with a Mega Loop wand, inflatable bubble pool and a big bottle of bubble solution. The unique secret professional formula has been used by bubbleologists to build bubbles that have broken Guinness world records! Become a bubble pro in no time with this fab kit.


Bubble Fun

We have been playing around with the Uncle Bubble Mega Loop kit over the last few days and have had loads of fun. The instructions make setting up the bubble pool and Mega Loop wand simple. Following the instructions to mix the bubble solution just right makes the best bubbles.

Izzy in a bubble

The girls had a lot of fun with the Mega Loop Kit and spent ages trying to make the biggest bubbles. We are waiting for the sun to come out so we can take the kit to the park too! I’m sure the girls will have plenty of fun as will any other children there.

Blowing big bubbles

You can create all kinds of bubble magic with this special solution and there is more than enough for a few sessions of bubble making. If you do run out, you can buy more on Amazon easily! It isn’t recommended to use this kit on a slippery surface however we couldn’t help but try out on our landing as there was more space. Hopefully the weather improves soon and we can set up at the park for hours of bubble fun!

Mega Bubbles with Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Kit

I got carried away myself joining in making big bubbles along with the girls and know everyone will enjoy this kit. The only issue we found was that we enjoyed ourselves so much I almost forgot to take ANY photos! Check out the Uncle Bubble Video below though.


As promised we have an Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Kit for one lucky winner. Simply enter below for your chance to win and check out our other live giveaways here.

Win The Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Tool #6

Wooden Jigsaws From Wentworth – Find A Golden Puzzle Piece

We received Wooden Jigsaws from Wentworth for #NationalJigsawDay which is the 3rd of November. These puzzles are so cute and well made, not to mention perfect stocking fillers. I loved getting jigsaw puzzles in my stocking as a child and these are such great quality too!

Wooden Jigsaws - Wentworth Wooden Micro Puzzles

These gorgeous wooden puzzles are just £7.50 each and you could win simply by ordering some!

Wentworth Golden Puzzle Piece Competition Details

Bookshelf MicroPuzzle

To celebrate #NationalJigsawDay Wentworth are running a great competition! Find the golden puzzle pieces in any of their 40-55 piece micro puzzles from 2nd-4th November. Simply order online during the #NationalJigsawDay Period for a chance to win.

Festive Bookshelf Micro-Puzzle

If your puzzle contains 1 of 3 golden pieces you’ll win £400 of Jigsaws for a year. Take a picture of your completed puzzle with its golden piece and send it to Wentworth to win. Click Here for full terms & conditions.

#NationalJigsawDay 10% Discount

During this period you can receive a10% discount too! Enter Code NJD18 at the checkout to receive your #NationalJigsawDay discount. Don’t forget to check your puzzle for a golden puzzle piece!

Wooden Jigsaws

Wentworth’s wooden jigsaws are handmade, unique and intricately crafted in Wiltshire. All their puzzles are made from a specially developed wooden board called Medite PremierTM, all taken from sustainable sources.

Cat Selfie Puzzle

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles come in a wide range of designs from seasonal to weird and wonderful. There truly is something for every jigsaw puzzle lover. I love how the pieces are so different from typical puzzles too, it makes it much more fun.

Cat Selfie Puzzle

We were sent the Festive Bookshelf & the Cats Selfie Micro Wooden Jigsaw puzzles to review. I was really pleased with the quality overall. Even the box is of high quality not to mention the jigsaws themselves.They would make fantastic gifts from stocking filler 40-55 piece micro puzzles to bigger 1500 piece jigsaws.

Do you love Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles too?

Discussing Feelings With My Mood Stars

We’ve been discussing feelings with My Mood Stars this week from Wendy Woo. As mental health and wellness is the focus on the blog right now these fit in perfectly! Being able to discuss our feelings is important and learning that from an early age can only be beneficial. 

My Mood Stars

My Mood Stars

My Mood Stars are a fun developmental aid which encourages children to learn about and discuss their feelings. Through imaginative play children can find fun ways to share their feelings. There are 8 stars in total, Happy, Sad, Sleepy, Shy, Scared, Silly, Cross & Surprised. My Mood Stars comes with a Velcro board for the stars to attach to for £29.99

My Mood Stars Velcro Board and Stars

The Idea Behind My Mood Stars
Self-confident children in touch with their feelings find it easier to flourish in social situations. Indeed personal, social and emotional development and communication are key aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage in the UK. Children who understand and can express and manage their own emotions, as well as those around them, are more likely to develop a positive sense of self and be assured and inquisitive learners.

Discussing Feelings

Discussing Feelings With My Mood Stars

We’ve spent the week discussing & drawing what makes us feel each feeling. We began with finding one thing for each feeling and I was pleased to see the girls could easily come up with ideas. We received a My Mood Stars book to record our feelings in which you can buy for £5.99.

Feeling Scared

Eva really enjoyed drawing each feeling and came up with some great pictures!

Feeling Happy

We’ve used the board to throw Stars when we want to discuss a feeling too. Angry has been used quite a bit with the girls off school and arguing. It’s had a very positive effect as they then take the time to listen to each other.

Discussing feelings with my mood stars

Another activity we have enjoyed is looking back at our day and through feelings and what made us feel that way. From waking up Cross because there’s too much noise in the building to feeling Happy because we watched a film. It’s lovely to see the girls discussing their feelings and I love the whole idea behind My Mood Stars.

Izzy showing Happy Stars

You can also buy a fantastic rhyming book called Rat’s Musical Band written by Wendy White which the girls really enjoyed reading. It really flows nicely and appeals to children with colourful illustrations by Claire Rollinson. This is just £9.99 on the Wendy Woo Site.

Rat's Musical Band

Another lovely addition to the Wendy Woo Site we were kindly sent are cute baby Tooth Pockets. The girls love these and now can’t wait until they lose a tooth! Right now they are only £2!

Baby Tooth Pockets

What do you think of My Mood Stars and the other Wendy Woo products?

Family Games For Christmas – Randomise

Family games are something I am trying to encourage more of now the girls are older, reviewing Randomise seemed a good way of doing that, especially for Eva. You can buy Randomise on Amazon for £11.99. I found some great family games taking part in the #SDFiverChallenge and want to stock up on some more fab games too. Randomise is a family game suitable from 8 to 80 years and for 4 to 40 players.

Family games for christmas - Randomise

How To Play

4 of more players are needed, players are then split into two teams with someone picked to keep score. Each team is given a scoring and timing card and any blank cards that haven’t been written on are removed from the pack before shuffling.

The person keeping score gets to start with teams alternating every each turn. The idea of the game is to declare if you will be picking an easy or hard challenge and whether you are going to describe, act of draw your identity. You then pick a card from each pile (A, B & C) and try to describe, act or draw your way to victory.



‘A’ cards are description cards such as hairy, sweaty & angry.

‘B’ cards tell you what you are such as a caveman, jellyfish or astronaut.

‘C’ cards tell you what you are doing such as Baking a cake, surfing or smashing plates!

Cards A, B & C

Turn Times

If you have chosen to describe your identity you have 30 seconds to communicate without using the words on your cards, rhyming words or letters to give clues.

60 seconds are given if you choose to act out your identity without making any noises, pointing or using props.

For drawing your identity you have 90 seconds to communicate the phrase without drawing any letters or numbers.

Your team can make as many guesses as they like whilst you communicate your identity with the aim to discover your identity before your time is up.


All Levels – 1 point for every successful guess from your team.

Easy – 1 point if your team shouts your full identity before your turn is up.

Hard – 3 points when your team correctly shouts your full identity.

Stealing points – If your team doesn’t guess your full identity before the time is up the opposite team can steal your points if they can guess your full identity correctly in one guess. (1 or 3 points depending on difficulty)

To Win – The first team to reach 30 points claims victory!

There are also alternative gameplays in the rules for you to try out too!

Our Thoughts

We love Randomise! It really gets you thinking about how to act/describe/draw your full identity so your team members can guess correctly. Eva really enjoyed Randomise and said she would love more family games like this. I think this will be a fun family game to pull out over the Christmas period to keep everyone entertained. There are so many combinations and we love the fact we can add to blank cards. We love the silliness of the identities too, it is so much fun to play!

Family games are a great way of entertaining everyone, do you like the sound of Randomise? What is your favourite family game?