Fleece Onesies For Kids From Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller Fleece Onesies for kids are gorgeous! We were sent one for Eva to review and we are in love with it. Part of the Mini-me collection, you can both snuggle up in matching fleece onesies! Unfortunately, Eva has been quite poorly over the last week. We had to wait for her nose to stop shinning red to take some photo’s but she really enjoyed snuggling up in it.


Hunkemöller is a lingerie and nightwear retailer which I love. Last year I shared a pair of their gorgeous slipper boots in my Christmas gift guide for her. All Hunkemöller products are high quality and the company have won several industry awards. Founded in 1886 in Amsterdam, Hunkemöller has become world famous and a well-known name across 24 countries!

Fleece Onesie For Kids From Hunkemöller

Fleece Onesie

We really love the hood on this fleece onesie and I am seriously considering buying them adult one so we can match. There’s even one for your dog! A
Hunkemöller fleece onesie would make a lovely a Christmas gift or a lovely treat, these onesies feel a bit special. 

Fleece Onesies

This comfy and cute fleece onesie is perfect for snuggling up with a film on those cold days & nights. It really is super soft and the design is absolutely adorable! 

Eva’s Thoughts

Eva loves her onesie and says it is super soft and warm, perfect for snuggling up in. She really loves the light pink colour and thinks the hood is amazing. Having shown Eva the adult onesie to match, she now wants me to buy one too. These would make fab Christmas eve box additions, something cute, warm and perfect for snuggling up with a hotchocolate and film.

What do you think of the girls fleece onesie from Hunkemöller?

Cool Clothing From Cherry Crumble

Eva received some cool clothing from Cherry Crumble last week to review along with Izzy’s cute clothing. Like Izzy, Eva was able to pick out two items of clothing she would like to try. Having a browse around Cherry Crumble’s site Eva liked quite a few items but she ended up picking a lovely top and sweatshirt!

Cool Clothing From Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble aims to convert kids worldwide into little fashionistas with cool clothing! Their designers are artists who love kids and clothing is made from the finest and smoothest fabrics. With comfortable, fashionable clothing, Cherry Crumble’s exquisitely crafted collection is becoming the first choice for parents. From shirts, tees, dresses, frocks, jeans, trousers and more, all their clothing embodies the true Californian spirit of the outdoors, fun and sunshine!

Cool Clothing

Lace Hem Pep Top

Cherry Crumble Clothing

The top Eva chose is a lovely lace hem pep top in lilac, turquoise and white. Eva is quite petite for 8 so we ordered 7-8 years which fit her nicely. The lace hem is really pretty and soft, I was expecting it to be rough but it really isn’t.

Lace hem pep top
Eva loves this top and refused to take it off after wearing it as she likes it so much. It’s soft, comfortable and looks great with so many different outfits.


Tiny Leaf Sweatshirt


Tiny Leaf sweatshirt

The Tiny leaf sweatshirt is a light pink colour and super soft with a beautiful leaf and flower design on both shoulders. We tried a 7-8 years sweatshirt which fit nicely on Eva. I would recommend ordering a size bigger if your child isn’t very petite though as the

Cool Clothing

Stylish yet warm, this lovely sweatshirt is perfect with leggings or jeans! Eva really likes the soft pink with a bright burst of colour on the shoulders.

Cherry Crumble Tiny Leaf Sweatshirt

Cherry Crumble has some cool clothing perfect for any wardrobe. Having reviewed 4 items in total we definitely think the quality is worth it.

What do you think?

Cute Clothing From Cherry Crumble

We were sent cute clothing from Cherry Crumble for Izzy to try out this week! Cherry Crumble created by Nitt Hymans & his obsession with ‘SoCal’ Spirit.  Striking a fine balance between eye-catching style and immense comfort, the Cherry Crumble range is designed for newborns to 10 years.

Cute Clothing From Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble aims to convert kids worldwide into little fashionistas! Their designers are artists who love kids and clothing is made from the finest and smoothest fabrics. With comfortable, fashionable clothing, Cherry Crumble’s exquisitely crafted collection is becoming the first choice for parents. From shirts, tees, dresses, frocks, jeans, trousers and more, all their clothing embodies the true Californian spirit of the outdoors, fun and sunshine!

Cute Clothing

We were sent some seriously cute clothing including a beautiful dress & adorable pyjamas! Izzy had picked her items herself from the Cherry Crumbles range. The website is easy to navigate and you can refine your search. Izzy is currently wearing 5-6 years so we refined our search for girls clothing in 5-6 and she found 2 lovely items. You can refine your search by size colour, print, rating availability and gender. They arrived within a few days and Izzy was really excited to try them on.

Polished Striped Dress

Izzy picked out the Polished Striped dress first she loves a pretty dress and this one caught her eye! When it comes to dresses, I genuinely have no clue what to pick. Luckily Izzy’s choice looks beautiful on her!

Polished Striped Dress From Cherry Crumble

As you can see, the dress fits Izzy nicely in a size 5-6. I’m not a fan of short dresses on little girls and this is the perfect length to play in. We both love the cute pockets on the front, especially Izzy who loves to store stones & flowers in her pockets.

Posing in her Polished striped dress

The dress itself is super soft and comfortable. It looks adorable on and will be perfect for parties, playing or days out. Overall I was really surprised by this dress, it isn’t something I would have thought to pick myself but I have to give Izzy credit, she knows what she likes & what suits her!

Cherry Crumble Dress

Shimmering Pyjama Set

Izzy loves a pair of pyjamas, especially if they are pink and shimmery! When Izzy spotted these gorgeous pyjamas on Cherry Crumble she got really excited. We were both really impressed with how soft and lovely these pyjamas felt when they arrived.

Shimmering pyjamas

Izzy said they were really comfortable to wear and having worn them all night they are now her favourite pyjamas. They are 100% cotton and so soft, they look adorable on her too. The trousers have a back pocket and the top a little top pocket too. The trousers tie up if needed.

Cherry Crumble - Shimmering Pyjama set

They are light but warm, perfect for Izzy! The quality is fantastic, with no loose threads or wonky stitches to be seen anywhere which was fab to see. I’ll be ordering more of their gorgeous pyjama range for our Christmas eve sacks too! 


Cute Clothing from Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble children’s clothing is a fantastic range of super soft, well designed, fashionable but comfortable clothing. I’ll definitely be checking out some of their other items.

Have you heard of Cherry Crumble before?

Newborn Baby Gifts From My Little Duckling

Newborn Baby gifts from My Little Duckling, a British clothing brand, are perfect. One of our friends recently had an adorable little boy & I was stuck for gift ideas but My Little Duckling has some super cute gift sets. My Little Duckling produces adorable, unique baby gifts & matching gift sets for babies to 4 years.

Newborn Baby Gifts From My Little Duckling

Baby Gifts

As a parent myself, I know how much it means to receive a unique baby gift, especially something that can be worn. The baby gifts from My Little Duckling come in 3 colour schemes with lovely, unique designs perfect for any newborn. I was sent a gift set for this review & I have to admit, I am a little bit in love! I wish I had known about My Little Duckling sooner, they have such a fab range.

Newborn baby gift set from My Little Duckling £22.99

Grey Clouds Newborn Giftset

The Grey Clouds baby gift set I received for this review is absolutely adorable!! This gorgeous newborn gift set includes matching pilot hat, bib & mittens with a pastel pearl grey & white cloud cotton print. Available in 0-6 months for £22.99 from My Little Duckling, this gift set is ideal.

Grey Clouds Pilot Hat from My Little Duckling

I love this gift set & can’t wait to hand it over! The pattern is adorable & each item is made to a high standard, I regularly find poor stitching is a huge issue when I’ve bought baby gifts. This is something Karina, creator & designer of My Little Duckling noticed herself when her son was born.

Grey Clouds Bib From My Little Duckling

There is definitely no stitching issues with these, they look and feel amazing. I’m looking forward to proudly handing these gorgeous baby gifts over, safe in the knowledge they are of excellent quality. Along with the quality, you can tell time was taken to get the overall designs right. With the bib having 2 poppers to keep it secure and the mittens having poppers to keep them together, what an amazing idea!

Grey cloud mittens from My Little Duckling

With a gorgeous range of unique gifts for baby showers, newborn gifts & Christening gifts amongst other special occasions, you’re bound to find the perfect gift.


Have you ever found it hard to find high-quality newborn baby gifts? What do you think of My Little Ducklings range?


Personalised Kids Clothing From Teether

We received gorgeous personalised kids clothing from Teether for the girls this week. Personalised anything is a win for my girls, especially having harder to find names. Teether offers a fantastic range of personalised clothing with a range of printed designs available. From personalised kids clothing such as pyjamas, baby vests, baby grows, t-shirts & more you are bound to find something you like.

Personalised Kids Clothing From Teether

Personalised Kids Clothing

Izzy is a star on mummy's blog pyjamas


High-quality clothing from baby to adult, Teether really do offer a fantastic personalisation service. All this at a great price too. We received a gorgeous set of personalised pyjamas for Izzy. She is on the bigger side for 3 years old and we have had to start buying 5-6 years in pyjamas. Mostly for the trouser length as she has super long legs but these are 4-5 years and actually have some room for her to grow in to!

Izzy is a star on mummy's blog pjs

Izzy chose to have ‘Izzy is the star of mummy’s blog on’ printed on hers which made her day! They are so soft and the colours of the prints are so vibrant and shiny. She looks a little smug here too in the very few shots I managed to take with her staying still!

Personalised Pyjamas

She looks so cute in these and they are ‘snuggly’ so she really loves them, I can see them being spotted on Instagram regularly haha!


Unicorn + Mermaid + Princess Top

Eva loved the pyjamas but she spotted a design she preferred much more and it definitely suits her personality. She really wanted it on a long sleeved top so she could wear it out. I was a little worried as she is really fussy when it comes to clothing. Labels are usually a big bother for her but she found this top really comfortable.

Unicorn + Mermaid + Princess = Eva-Raye

The ‘Unicorn + Mermaid + Princess = Eva-Raye’ design couldn’t have been any more perfect. Teether really did a fantastic job with this and we are both ecstatic with the result. As you can see below Eva loves anything colourful and now she matches her build-a-bear too!

Personalised t-shirt

It’s safe to say we all love the fab designs and clothing from Teether and would definitely recommend them. You can find Teether over on Facebook & Instagram if you want to find out more and see more of their fab range or visit their site.

What do you think of Teether’s personalised kids clothing?