Eco Food Wraps – Perfect For Packed Lunches

Eco Food Wraps are perfect for packed lunches. Fed up of using plastic food bags that have to be binned after one use? Then Eco Food Wraps are the perfect, eco-friendly, plastic-free, reusable food wraps. We all know far too much plastic ends up in our oceans and many of us are moving away from using plastics in a bid to save our planet. Whilst I’m still very new to this and still use plastics more than I should, this is a great way to start going plastic-free.

Eco Food Wrap set of 3

Eco Food Wraps

Eco food wraps are handmade using organic cotton, coated in a beeswax/tree resin blend. These fab wraps let you mould them to the shape of any object. Eco Food Wraps will keep your food fresher for longer. They were designed to replace the use of cling-film & single-use plastic food bags. Being reusable & chemical free, Eco Food Wraps are the environmentally friendly, naturally sustainable Food Packaging Solution and are perfect for packed lunches, picnics and generally keeping food fresh. Simply wipe clean between uses.

Perfect For Packed Lunches

We were sent 3 different sizes & prints from Eco Food Wrap to try ourselves. We used them on Eva’s first day at school and she loved them & even remembered to bring it home! The wraps come in some lovely designs and different sizes to suit your needs.

We found the wraps so simple to use! I love how they mould to the shape you need just by gently warming them with your hand. They keep bread much fresher, something Eva instantly noticed when using the Eco Food Wraps. She often complains her lunch isn’t as nice having sat in the lunch tray all morning. It was nice she instantly benefitted from using Eco Food Wraps.

Small Eco Food Wrap

These fab wraps are perfect for a range of items including bread, pastries, fruit, cheese and more. The only thing the wraps can’t be used on is meat. Being reusable means you save a lot of money over the course of using the wraps as well as avoiding using single-use plastics. They look funky & cool with some lovely prints available to suit everyone.

There are several different packages available from Eco Food Wrap from single wraps in multiple sizes to family packs of various sizes/prints. Make sure you check them out if you are looking for alternative food packaging.

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The Selfie Bag From Cotton Bag Co

The Selfie Bag is a new product from Cotton Bag Co, who kindly sent us one of their selfie bags to review. The Cotton Bag Co bags are Eco-friendly reusable bags. Eva loved this idea of course and couldn’t wait to check it out telling me we had to take lots of selfies!

Selfie Bag

The Selfie Bag

Cotton Bag Co love a good selfie so they created the Selfie Bag, custom designed to help you bag the ultimate selfie. The selfie bag is designed to be the ultimate accessory to make it easier for you to get the perfect photo on the go in two stylish designs. We received the Natural bag but Cotton Bag Co also sell a black bag with a different design. Eva loves the bag we received with the natural background and colourful designs.

Style & Design

Both styles of the bag have inner pockets designed specially to hold your smartphone and selfie stick. The smartphone pocket is zipped, perfect for holding keys & money too. The main feature o this bag is a fold-out #SelfieSheet reflective sheet to give you the perfect lighting every time. Hold it in place, pose & snap the perfect selfie!

Selfie Tips

Find out how to bag yourself the perfect selfie with the free guide inside each Selfie Bag! Including 3 top tips from Kim Kardashian, do’s & don’ts, Selfie statistics & 5 tips from Charlotte & Stephanie. With this guide packed full of tips & tricks for the perfect selfie is sure to help.

Selfie guide



You can buy the Selfie bag online at the Cotton Bag Co for £23.98 (including Vat) delivered. All orders placed by 2 pm will be dispatched for next day delivery but may occasionally take 1-2 working days. Deliveries are via DPD with signed for delivery.

What do you think of The Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co? Do you think you could bag the perfect selfie with it?