Paw Patrol And Top Wing At Showcase Cinema De Lux

On Saturday we watched Paw Patrol and Top Wing on the big screen at Showcase Cinema De Lux at Bluewater. We were kindly gifted 3 tickets to watch the Nick Jr Big Screen Heroes show in exchange for our review. 

Paw Patrol - Paw Patrol and Top Wing at Showcase Cinema de lux

Paw Patrol And Top Wing

We haven’t visited a Showcase Cinema De Lux before so we weren’t too sure what to expect. Bluewater is signposted really well making it easy to find Showcase Cinema De Lux (and the Mr was pleased to find an open bar below!). Upon arrival we were pleased to find that unlike our recent cinema trips, all the chairs were clean, in working order and recline!

This is perfect for us as Izzy often ends up on my lap halfway through which aggravates my chronic pain. Having my legs raised took off the pressure making the experience a rather comfortable one!

Izzy watching  an episode of top wing

In total there were 6 episodes swapping from Paw Patrol to Top Wing and each one had Izzy glued to the screen, even Eva seemed happy enough to watch. Izzy loves Paw Patrol but hadn’t watched Top Wing before and she was certainly impressed.

Top Wing - Paw patrol and Top wing at Showcase cinema de lux

The display and sound were perfectly clear, we forgot Eva’s ear defenders but thankfully the volume wasn’t so high it overwhelmed her yet it was loud enough for Izzy to hear even though she only has 50% of her hearing currently due to glue ear. Overall we really enjoyed visiting Showcase Cinema De Lux and watching Paw Patrol and Top Wing on the big screen. I can see us visiting this cinema again in future.

Top Wing

Showcase Cinema De Lux

Showcase Cinemas has 21 cinema across the UK offering luxury recliner seats for a more comfortable cinema experience.

Ticket Prices are:

Adult – £9.35
Child – £8.60
Senior – £8.60
Student (Id required) – £9.25

Have you visited a Showcase Cinema before?

Healthy Fruit Juices From Appy Kids Co

We received a selection of healthy fruit juices from Appy Kids Co this week. Appy Kids Co offer a selection of deliciously healthy fruit juices for children. They have a range of licensed characters on all their juices, Dora, Minions, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol & more!
Appy Kids Co Paw Patrol Juices

We received Paw Patrol & Ninja Turtle juices to try out which are fortified with vitamins A,C & E. I try to make sure the girls drink healthy fruit juices like these regularly across the week and love the Appy Kids Co juices. These delicious juices are great for drinking anywhere, at home, school or the park.

Healthy Fruit Juices

Healthy Fruit Juices


Appy Kids Co is on a mission to be the number 1 healthier choice for families. They want to empower families to make healthier choices. Created using ethically sourced premium ingredients ensures the fruit juices are affordable. Appy Kids Co have developed these healthy fruit juices over years to create formulations and delicious flavours with lower sugar and calories. Appy Kids co wanted to achieve lower sugar and calories compromising on taste or quality.


The girls loved these healthy fruit juices. Eva’s favourite was the Ninja Turtles Multifruit Juice Drinks & Izzy just loved them all! We tried Peppa Pig juices in the summer which we shared on IG (above). The girls really do enjoy drinking them & having their favourite characters on is always a bonus to them. Making sure the girls are hydrated in a healthy way is a bonus to me!

Have your children tried the Appy kids co healthy fruit juices before?