Problem Solving Activities – Myra Makes: Journey To Cloud City

We received a problem solving activity book for children aged 6-10 – Myra Makes: Journey to Cloud City. You can buy this fun packed activity book for £11.50 on Amazon or on their website for $25 where a copy is donated to an underfunded educational program). This creative learning adventure book is full of fun activities to develop a love for empathy and critical thinking.

Problem Solving Activity Book

Myra Makes A Creative Learning Adventure

Joining Myra Makes on her journey to cloud city your child will encounter a variety of activities. From math and maze pages to open-ended creative problem solving challenges with unlimited possible solutions. This fun activity book encourages your child to be creative as they draw, colour, craft and solve problems.

Problem Solving Activities

One of the first pages in this problem solving activity book is to draw one or more characters to cut out and join Myra on her journey through the book. Your child can describe their characters interests on the back too. Eva really enjoyed this activity coming up with names and descriptions.

Character Drawing Activity

Through out the activity book there are several animals to cut out who join Myra in her journey too. Each one has information about them on the back to help with some of the activities. Eva really liked these and thought they were fun because she can use them again to make up other stories too.

Cut out animals

Word searches that can be coloured in throughout the book were another highlight for Eva as she really enjoys them. Labelling and describing things throughout the book kept her amused for hours too. She really enjoyed repeating facts to us as she read them.

Monthly Subscription

I love that children can learn so much from this fun activity book without it feeling like dull homework. This is one of the best problem solving activity books we have had so far. Myra Makes are currently offering 3 months free subscription commitment free too which I think is well worth trying.

Myra Makes Monthly Subscription

What do you think of Myra Makes? Will you be trying out the 3 months commitment free monthly subscription?

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