Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle Review

I received an adorable Hape’s George Luck’s Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle, suitable for 3+ from Debenhams to review with Izzy. Wooden toys are always a favourite for us, the quality can’t be beaten! This colourful wooden puzzle is made using eco-friendly water based paints too.

Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle

Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle

I showed Izzy the puzzle and she excitedly took it from me and tipped the pieces onto the floor. Looking at the picture on the back of the box Izzy quickly pieced the puzzle back together again. We have a few wooden puzzles but the rainbow rabbit puzzle is different as the pieces fit together instead of separately.

This gorgeous 7 piece wooden puzzle makes up an adorable rainbow mama rabbit and baby rabbit. The design is so cute even Izzy aww’d when it was complete again. The rainbow rabbit puzzle kept Izzy busy for quite some time. After a day or so the box was no longer needed as Izzy had remembered where the pieces go.
Izzy playing with Hape's George Luck rainbow rabbit puzzle


Wooden puzzles are one of Izzy’s favourite thing’s to play with. Puzzles help toddlers with hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills, two important factors in child development. You can also use the puzzle to help teach your toddler their colours & count to 7 as they piece the puzzle together.

This puzzle is great fun for any toddler and would make a brilliant gift or addition to the toy collection. Izzy keeps going back to play with the puzzle and I’m sure it will stay a favourite for quite some time.

Do you love wooden puzzles too? What do you think of the Rainbow Rabbit puzzle? Would your little one love it too?




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