UK Gift Shopping Habits Infographic

With Christmas approaching I’ve been looking at UK gift shopping habits. What2buy4kids has provided a fantastic infographic (below) which shows how much we spend in the UK on gifts, when we buy them and more.  It’s quite interesting learning more about the UK gift shopping habits & reading the facts.

Women spend more money on average than men in the UK gift shopping, with over £100 difference! I guarantee we get more for our money though 😉

Over half of the UK buy gifts 2 months earlier. The majority of Christmas shoppers start in November. I always hope to buy gifts with plenty of time and have managed to over the last 2  years. I find last minute gift buying way to stressful, it gets far too people out there!

Mothers day is the most popular gifting occasion in the UK outside of Christmas and Birthdays whilst gifting new parents is the least popular. For both occasions gifts are usually bought a week before unlike occasions like Christmas and birthdays.

Shockingly UK parents spend the most on toys for their kids beating the USA, France & Germany. I guess we must get a little too excited. Lets face it though there are some awesome toys out there!

What2buy4kids sell some fantastic Birthday and Christmas gifts and created this infographic to show the UK gift shopping habits. I think they have put together some brilliant statistics and interesting facts on our gift shopping habits, what do you think?

UK Gift Shopping Habits

uk gift shopping habits


7th Birthday Gifts

It’s Eva’s birthday today so I have put together this list of 7th birthday gifts to help anyone shopping for a 7 year old! Eva has a huge range of interests so it can make birthday shopping quite fun. This year we have been sent several products to feature in this gift guide (all approved by Eva herself!) as well as adding in a few we picked ourselves.


  1. Eva has been a shopkins fan since season 2 and has been asking for Shopkin Shoppies recently. I decided to act like I had no idea what she was on about and asked her to show me them on Amazon. Of course I got her to point out her favourite which was Jessicake, at £29.99. The pack includes Jessicake, 2 shopkins, a VIP card and accessories. 7th birthday Shopkins Shoppie Jessicake
  2. Anyone that knows my girls know that they like to make things whether it arts & crafts or making something delicious in the kitchen. Eva loves baking & eating the results so these Bumblebee Chocolate lolly kit’s from What2buy4kids are a perfect gift. Bound to keep any 7 year old busy with a tasty treat to show off and eat at the end! They would make fun party bag fillers too.bumblebee chocolate lolly making kit
  3. The BFG is an all time favourite for children and adults alike! Eva is obsessed with Roald Dahl at the moment so the BFG DVD is a gift that will no doubt be watched countless times! We love sitting down with a film, curtains closed and munch at the ready. I’m sure by the weekend once Eva has finished fitting in all her birthday guests curling up to watch a good film will be well needed!The BFG
  4. Packs by post are a subscription service which sounds out craft materials by post. The difference with these crafts packs are that no instructions/rules are included, children are free to use their imagination! Eva doesn’t always like to follow the rules when crafting. I know she will love being able to come up with something totally unique to create with the materials provided. In these lovely Spring has sprung packs!
    Vee Mcdee
  5. I recently read TwinMummyandDaddy’s Hatchimals collEGGtibles unboxing and review and knew it was something Eva would love. She had asked for a Hatchimal at Christmas but those kinds of toys are way out of our budget right now. These smaller collEGGtibles for £9.99 are much easier on the bank account. Eva has no idea these eggsist (haha!) yet so I can’t wait to surprise her!
    Hatchimal CollEGGtible blind bag
  6. Fidget Spinners are all the rage at the moment and Eva of course has asked for one. She wanted a pink one so I decided after hearing such good things about them to order her one. Eva is always fidgeting and struggles to concentrate at times so hopefully this gift helps with that.7th birthday gifts - fidget spinners
  7. Baking being one of Eva’s favourite things to do these Little Cooks Co subscription boxes are perfect. Each box includes the ingredients and instructions for making a delicious, healthy snack for the family. The boxes cost £7.99 a month, if you use code BOX1 at the checkout you can get your first box for just £5.99!









Lastly we received this gorgeous personalised family print for Eva from The Card Gallery! Eva loves pretty artwork and anything with her name on, like me she has a fairly unique name so personalised gifts always mean so much. We love you millions & billions & trillions is something we all say to each other as a family so I knew she would love that along with some pretty cupcakes!

Personalised Family Print from The Card Gallery

What gifts would you recommend for a 7th birthday? Would your 7 year old love to receive any of the gifts above?