The Importance of Car Maintenance & Servicing

Do you know the importance of car maintenance & servicing? It prevents terrible accidents happening which could easily be avoided with regular vehicle checks and tyre care.

The Importance of Car Maintenance & Servicing

Importance of Car Maintenance & Servicing

There are so many things that can go wrong with a vehicle and if unnoticed this can cause life-threatening accidents. You should always consult a professional who can do full vehicle checks to ensure your vehicle is fit for the road. Ensuring this is done regularly and before long trips can prevent accidents and costly repairs.

Why Car Tyre Safety Is Important

As the main point of contact on the road, tyres need to be kept in perfect condition to ensure safety on the road. Ensuring tyre health is up to standard helps to improves fuel economy and minimises carbon emissions. This reduces the cost of driving and helps the environment too! Illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres can cause serious road traffic accidents.

How To Ensure Car Tyre Safety

You can keep an eye out for warning signs that your tyre may be unsafe on the road, however, consulting an expert is always highly advised. Always buy tyres and have them checked by a  trusted professional. Buy tyres online at Jet Wheel Tyres.

Warning signs include:

  • An unsteady, rough drive
  • Lots of vibration
  • Cracks in the sidewall
  • Bulges or blisters on tyres
  • Low tread depth
  • Weird noises such as thumping, whining or squeaking
  • Aged tyres
  • Low/High Tyre Pressure

40% of road accidents are due to faulty tyres, this can be reduced if we are more proactive when it comes to car maintenance and servicing. 

Other Important Vehicle Checks

Always ensure lights are in fully working order before setting off. Check all fluids are topped up including fuel, coolant, brake fluid and oil. These small checks can save on costly repairs and breaking down on busy motorways. Keeping MOT tests up to date ensures your vehicle is checked for any issues you may not notice yourself.

Do you know the importance of car maintenance and servicing?