Just Our Luck

Just our luck, the Mr’s PC decided to die on Monday morning, followed by our oven! Yep, yet again several big things at once have decided to die on us, you can’t make this shit up!

Thankfully I had some savings aside as we’ve been saving for a car but that means no car for even longer. I’m grateful I had the money there for a chancge, with nobody to ask for help usually these things are near on impossible for us to replace but it still stings.

It’s just our luck, no matter how many steps forward we take, we always end up several steps back again and it’s honestly so frustrating and depressing. I’m so tired of life constantly throwing stresses our way. Is it really too much to ask for life to just calm the fuck down!? Even just for a little bit?

I guess the court case over our car accident in 2021 going in our favour last week is a positive but it’s the only one this year and I’m so tired of living in a constant state of anxiety and depression wondering what will go wrong next. I honestly just want to hide away from the world, responsibilities and being me. I’m struggling to laugh it all off and see any positives right now, I feel like we are just going to be stuck going in circles of stress and shit forever.

It’s even harder knowing the Mr is due an inheritance that would be life changing for us, allow us to buy our first home, a car, decorate and a fresh start, with no clue when it’s due. We’ve tried to chase it up several times now but HMRC are causing delays and we’ve now been waiting a good two years as his dad’s house had to sell before everything could be added up and divided, I’m beginning to feel it’s life’s way of saying ‘HA fuck you, you don’t deserve anything good’.

So there’s today’s blurt of stress and shit.. How’s everyone else doing?

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