Halloween Party Foods

We’ve been checking out Halloween party foods this week. The girls have half term this Halloween so we are planning a spooky week full of spooky foods, crafts, games & more!

Halloween Party Foods


Heck Halloweiners

Heck sausages have created Halloweiners containing pork, pumpkin & black treacle! They also contain a dash of red chilli but not enough to be noticeable, especially for children. These gluten-free and dairy-free sausages are perfect for everyone. You can find these in store at Sainsburys from October 10th.

Halloween Party Foods

We were kindly sent some Halloweiners to try and I have to say, I am in love! I am extremely fussy when it comes to sausages, I tend to stick to pork & honey chipolatas. The Halloweiners are lovely though and I would happily eat these any day! None of us are overly keen on pumpkin but there wasn’t too much in these so they tasted just right.

Halloweiners cooking

We cooked up the Halloweiners for ourselves and a friend to try, we all quickly demolished them. I’m impressed we all enjoyed them with an extremely fussy eater, kind of fussy eater and someone who will eat most things. I think that says a lot! I had hoped to get a photo of the cooked sausages but we accidentally ate them before I had the chance, they smelled so good!

Fiendish Fancies

Who doesn’t love a French fancy? Mr Kipling has created these Fiendish Fancies, perfect for a Halloween spread. Morrison’s currently have Fiendish Fancies on offer for £1.

Fiendish Fancies

These delicious little treats are orange flavour sponge with a vanilla topping, drenched in orange coloured fondant icing. We love these and finished the box a little too quickly so we’ll be buying more! 

Spooky Skulls Gingerbread

Decorate your own Spooky Skulls

We regularly shop in Morrison’s who create fantastic gingerbread kits to suit different events. For Halloween this year they have created Spooky Skulls to decorate with Purple (WIN!) icing and chocolate beans!

Kids love decorating their own gingerbread then demolishing them after. These are a fab activity and snack whilst watching Halloween films. These fab packs are £2 in store.

Which Halloween Party Foods are your favourite?

Spider Crush Forage Game – App Review

I’ve been playing the Spider Crush Forage game, a spooky new free-to-download game launched on Google Play in time for Halloween. The Spider Crush Forage game is a thrilling new take on classic matching games. I’ve been playing this game for a week now and it is great! I enjoy reviewing apps of all kinds but it’s rare I’m asked to try out a game so I had fun with this review!

Spider Crush Forage Game -App Review

Spider Crush Forage Game – A challenge

I am terrified of spiders and normally run at the first sight of one & am known to scream. The Spider Crush Forage game is a great way of facing your fears though. If the thought of a furry tarantula terrifies you too it may help you face your fear without having to get too close to a real one!

Spider Crush Forage


At first I really struggled with huge furry tarantulas crawling all over the screen. Eventually I learnt to ignore them and managed to get through a few levels. Spider Crush Forage is a challenging game which I am enjoying playing. Far too many game are so easy to beat. I usually get bored very quickly with games as they are so easy so I quite like the challenge of Spider Crush Forage. You have a certain amount of moves per level. It took me a good few attempts to beat even the first level thanks to those pesky Spiders!

Spooky Spiders

Spider Crush Forage is a fantastic spooky escape from the ordinary. It’s perfect for keeping you busy on the train, in a queue or resting with a cuppa! Spider Crush really is a fun game and the girls enjoy playing too. Oddly I felt calm after a few attempts, I wonder if I’ll be calmer next time I face a real spider?

Do you love games like Spider Crush Forage?