Spider Crush Forage Game – App Review

I’ve been playing the Spider Crush Forage game, a spooky new free-to-download game launched on Google Play in time for Halloween. The Spider Crush Forage game is a thrilling new take on classic matching games. I’ve been playing this game for a week now and it is great! I enjoy reviewing apps of all kinds but it’s rare I’m asked to try out a game so I had fun with this review!

Spider Crush Forage Game -App Review

Spider Crush Forage Game – A challenge

I am terrified of spiders and normally run at the first sight of one & am known to scream. The Spider Crush Forage game is a great way of facing your fears though. If the thought of a furry tarantula terrifies you too it may help you face your fear without having to get too close to a real one!

Spider Crush Forage


At first I really struggled with huge furry tarantulas crawling all over the screen. Eventually I learnt to ignore them and managed to get through a few levels. Spider Crush Forage is a challenging game which I am enjoying playing. Far too many game are so easy to beat. I usually get bored very quickly with games as they are so easy so I quite like the challenge of Spider Crush Forage. You have a certain amount of moves per level. It took me a good few attempts to beat even the first level thanks to those pesky Spiders!

Spooky Spiders

Spider Crush Forage is a fantastic spooky escape from the ordinary. It’s perfect for keeping you busy on the train, in a queue or resting with a cuppa! Spider Crush really is a fun game and the girls enjoy playing too. Oddly I felt calm after a few attempts, I wonder if I’ll be calmer next time I face a real spider?

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