Key Finder From Recover-Key

I received a Key Finder from Recover-Key to try out, a product designed to reunite lost keys with their owners if found. It is easily done when we are rushing around or out having a drink or even have toddlers that love to lose important things!

Key finder keyring from Recover-Key

Why Use A Key Finder

I am always losing my keys! Thankfully I only tend to lose my keys at home, possibly because I rarely go out haha! It definitely gives me peace of mind knowing if I do lose them and someone finds them, they can be returned easily. Losing keys causes panic, frustration and generally an unnecessary cost. Calling out a locksmith or even replacing several keys at once can be an unwelcome cost. This can be avoided if someone spots your key finder and contacts Recover-key.

What is Recover-Key?

Recover-Key is a service that provides a quick, safe and secure return of your keys for a one-off payment. This service costs just £10 with no monthly subscription cost. Once ordered your key finder will arrive within 2-3 days via Royal Mail 2nd Class Delivery. If you enter your details before the release date (2nd February) you will receive a 50% discount dropping it to just £5!

Key Finder Key Ring

The Key Finder key ring contains a 24/7 contact number, email and site address for Recover-Key. It also has an ID number unique to you. Using this unique ID number Recover-Key will contact you via the provided email address and organise the safe return of your keys.

Such a simple yet effective idea! I always check keys when I find them in case I can locate the missing owner before handing them in. I’d definitely spot this bright yellow key ring and make sure to contact them. This great service will be ready in early 2018 for the public to buy. I would definitely recommend signing up to reserve one or receive emails to find out when they become available to buy.

Do you think a Key Finder would be helpful for you too?