Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband deals can be a nightmare. There are just so many offers out there. Before you purchase any kind of broadband packages, there are several things you need to consider. We’ve actually stayed with the same company for quite a long time now but every now and then we do shop around.

Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband Deals

When it comes to comparing broadband deals you really need to consider several things to ensure the package is just right for you such as those offered by CenturyLink internet plans. Whether you are looking for email access, business use, family use, gaming or streaming there are different packages perfectly suited.


There are various broadband speeds available but what you need depends on your individual usage. If you are only checking emails you aren’t going to need a super-fast broadband package. If however, you love to stream films and play games, have various devices and users, a super-fast package is more likely to be the best option. We use a super-fast package as all 4 of us use the internet in some way.

Download Allowances

Most packages range from 2GB to unlimited download allowances. If you are simply checking emails a 2GB allowance is perfect. For web browsing and occasionally watching youtube or similar you are going to need somewhere between 10-30GB. As with the speed, if you are a gamer, film buff or have various devices and users then anywhere from 40GB to unlimited would be ideal. We have an unlimited download allowance which is perfect for our family.


As we found when we moved into our current home, not all services are available in all areas and buildings. Due to living in a high-rise flat, we are fairly limited as to which broadband companies we can access. It’s worth checking beforehand as we found out at the last minute.


As with most services these days some deals offer add-ons such as phone lines or TV packages. Only agree to a deal that offers exactly what you need. We don’t have a TV or phone package as we don’t use them enough to warrant them. Consider how much time you may use a phone or TV package before agreeing.

Internet Security

Internet Security

Most companies even offer an Internet security package too but again check price differences. Sometimes a standalone security package can work out better value with more protection. Everyone needs some form of protection against viruses.

Shop Around

It really is worth shopping around as you can save a lot of money. Depending on your needs as an internet user, you can find a great deal by shopping around. Sometimes there’s as much as £40 difference between packages!

Do you compare broadband deals before deciding which package is right for you?

Buying Second-Hand Luxury Watches

It’s tough buying second-hand luxury watches with confidence. You can’t always be certain you are buying an authentic luxury watch second-hand.

buying second-hand luxury watches

The Mr used to wear a watch so I was hunting around before Christmas for a new one. I had planned to buy him a gaming chair but a watch was a backup gift but I was unsure where to start.

Most sellers offer no protection when buying. It is scarily easy to be fooled by imitations. It can be a huge loss as often imitations hold no value whatsoever. We’ve had a few issues in the past ourselves with buying imitation products. You can lose a lot of money!

Buying Second-Hand Luxury Watches

If you plan to buy a second-hand luxury watch it’s best to find an expert seller. A genuine seller can provide both certificates of authenticity and a guarantee. These offer a piece of mind when buying second-hand.

There are sites such as Chronoexpert where you can buy used luxury watches safely. Transactions between individually through Chronoexpert are under cover and protection of Chronoexpert facilities. Each watch is examined and analysed by experts in watchmaking ensuring imitations do not pass through the site. You can buy some lovely watches from Breitling to Rolex.

Proof Of Authenticity

The real value of each watch is provided by an expert with a guarantee of two years. They also provide certifications of authenticity and a 14 day retraction period. I think this is a pretty good service bearing in mind the high risk of buying an imitation.

The last thing you want is to try and treat yourself, a partner or friend only to find you’ve been duped with no chance of recovering the loss. With this service, there is no chance of that happening as each watch is expertly inspected before being sold.

If you are buying a second-hand luxury watch I would definitely recommend using this service.

Have you bought a second-hand luxury watch before? Have you heard of Chronoexpert?

Personalised Stationery From Printkick

Buying Personalised stationery from Printkick for businesses or individuals is quick & easy. With an extensive range of products from Business notebooks, corporate pens & even printed sweets, Printkick has your branded needs covered. You can request a free, no obligation quote on all their products.

Printkick Goody Bag

Printkick Branded Goody Bag

The goody bag I received has a cute kitty design along with Printkick’s branding on one side and a cool pattern on the other! The bag itself is super soft & squishy and feels well made. Unfortunately, I can quickly see Izzy stealing this if she gets a chance.

Patterned Printkick Goody bag

Branded A5 Notebook

Personalised stationery - Red printkick notebook

I love notebooks, I currently have 5 notebooks on my desk & I’m more than happy to add the lovely A5 leather red notebook with Printkick’s branding embossed on the front. I love that this notebook has a band to keep it shut & a page marker. It also has a pocket inside the back cover for any loose notes or pictures, a fab feature!

Pocket for loose notes - Printkick notebook

Branded Pen

Printkick branded pen

The next item, a soft touch grey pen with Printkick’s branding on is another favourite for me. I love a nice pen that flows freely & this is perfect. It has a little weight to it which I quite like too.

3-in-1 Mousemat

Printkick Mousemat

I think the 3-in-1 mousemat, screen wipe & screen protector with the cat design which is also in the bag is a fab product. It’s soft on top with a good grip on the bottom.

W Cable 3-in-1

W Cable 3-in-1

The Printkick W cable 3-in-1 is perfect for us. I use a Type C lead for my phone but the Mr still has a Micro USB so this fab little lead will make recharging on the go even easier. It will also mean carrying less bulk on days out as we only need the one cable instead of 2. It has a fast charge output of 2A and has a strong silicone flat cable that is non-tangle. The W Cable is compatible with all devices including Android phones, tablets, Windows phone, Go Pro, GPS & Apple items too.

Printed Speaker

Printkick branded portable Bluetooth speaker

On top of all these fab printed items, the goody bag also included a portable Bluetooth speaker with Printkick branding. You can either plug this handy little speaker in using the cable provided or connect via Bluetooth. There’s a backtrack & fast forward button & play/pause as well as the option to switch from Bluetooth to an MP3 connection. This Bluetooth speaker will read TF cards & also acts as a mic too!

Personalised Stationery

Most of my readers will no doubt know by now I love stationery! I have so much laying around yet I always want more. I was kindly sent a branded Printkick goody bag to review which includes a selection of high quality printed products. Printkick offer stationery, drinkware, branded bags and more. They have a fab range of giveaway items perfect for businesses or bloggers celebrating milestones too!

Ordering Personalised Stationery From Printkick

Contour Frost Ballpen
Credit: Printkick

I have a few giveaways coming up next month so I took a browse myself for personalised stationery I could include. I discovered gorgeous purple Contour Frost Ballpens & I decided to submit a quote request for 250 pens. I chose one colour with printed in the blog font, late one night. I received a quote the very next morning at a very reasonable price. I’ll be ordering some, hopefully in time for my giveaways next month. Compared to many sites I have looked at for a similar product, I know it’s a great deal for such quality.

Having sampled this goody bag myself, I can safely say Printkick will be my first choice when it comes to ordering branded products and personalised stationery. The quality speaks for itself and I would definitely recommend them to businesses and individuals alike.

Do you love personalised stationery too? What do you think of Printkick’s range of branded products?

5 Products I Discovered & Love So Far This Year

I’ve put together 5 products I discovered and LOVE so far this year. As a blogger, I often receive products to review & I am always on the hunt for new products too. No doubt readers are often left wondering if we still love the products we mention or review. Do we still use them later down the line or do we find a replacement? I have fallen in love with 5 products so far this year.

5 Products I Love


Altruist Dermatologist SPF 50 Sunscreen

One thing I HATE about sunscreen is how sticky it is & how sweaty we all look covered in the stuff. Altruist is totally different though, it feels much more like a moisturiser and soaks into your skin so quickly. It also doesn’t stain clothing, a big win when you are rushing to sunscreen a child before school or topping up at the park! An affordable sunscreen option that is perfect for all the family. Having used this several times, including Saturday when it turned into a scorcher whilst we were at the local park, I can safely say I won’t be touching another sunscreen from now on!


5 Products I love - Drops yarn


Drops Paris Yarn From Wool Warehouse

I decided I needed to step out of my crocheting comfort zone and try to make the girls some cardigans. Naturally, I asked Twitter for help & having a quick browse through suggestions Drops Paris Yarn seemed ideal. 100% Cotton, this gorgeous yarn is so soft and comes in amazing pastel shades, perfect for the paste rainbow look we wanted! I ordered one lot for the first hooded cardigan & instantly fell in love, as did the girls. I quickly ordered an even bigger stash of Drops Paris and am halfway through Eva’s cardigan. This will definitely be a yarn I’ll be buying again and again!

Crochet cardigan using Drops Paris


Peter's Yard Charcoal & Rye Sourdough Crispbread
Credit: Peter’s Yard

Peters Yard Charcoal & Rye Sourdough Crispbread 

The Mr got to try out a fab Fathers Day Hamper from Prestige Hampers which included these amazingly moreish crispbreads. Since we finished the packet I have consistently moaned that I want more. They taste amazing with cheese & having now discovered where I can order them online, I can see them being a regular in the cupboard! Who doesn’t love cheese & a good cracker/crispbread!?

Mental Health

Happy Post

Happy Post Cards

The name says it all really, how can you not love something designed to give happiness? Happy postcards are sent to those that need something to brighten their day & now Katie has added printable Happy Post Cards too. Now everyone can spread a little happiness!


ZAGG ifrogz Little Rockerz Children's Volume Limiting On-Ear Headphones, Kitten & Princess

ZAGG ifrogz Little Rockerz Children’s Volume Limiting On-Ear Headphones, Kitten & Princess

When you have 2 children who own tablets, headphones are absolutely necessary. I am so done with hearing Peppa pig & Scooby Doo on repeat, cheesy pop songs & ‘prank’ videos drive me insane! When Izzy broke her super girls headphones I got the girls a set of these funky headphones each, Kitten for Izzy & Princess for Eva. They are amazing! Not only do they protect my ears but they protect theirs too with an 85 decibel sound limit. The second best thing about these? No, not that they are cute, they have buddy jacks! This enables the girls to plug their headphones into the other set and listen from one tablet. Perfect when Eva’s tablet dies sooner than Izzy’s and great for long journeys too.

These are the top 5, stand out products we’ve used & fallen in love with this year that I couldn’t recommend more!

Do you have 5 Products you have discovered & loved so far this year?



Try 4 Maintenance Tips To Stay Safe

Try 4 Maintenance tips to stay safe on the road with the awful weather we’ve been having. When the weather changes it is important your car is well maintained and in perfect working condition. If you plan to make even a short journey you really should consider these 4 maintenance tips to stay safe.

4 maintenance tips

4 Maintenance Tips

Keep Fluids Topped Up

Always check fluids are kept topped up to keep your car healthy. Checking you have enough oil, coolant, brake fluid & fuel before journeys can help to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Check Tyres

Check Tyre’s before journeys to ensure tyre pressures and tread depth are at the correct levels. If you are unsure then check your owner manual. As a child, our car lost control in the snow due to extreme wear on the tyres. The tyres couldn’t grip the icy roads and spun out of control narrowly avoiding a tree. It’s a good idea to check for slow punctures and anything that may have got stuck in them during previous journeys.

Check Lights

Make sure you check your headlights, brake lights & indicators are in fully working condition before setting off. Without these you can’t warn other road users or pedestrians of your movements on the road. This puts you and others at high risk of a fatal accident that can be easily avoided with a replacement bulb.

Servicing Before A Long Trip

Servicing your car before a long trip can help to avoid any major complications. Having someone experienced service your car is always best when it comes to road safety. There are plenty of car servicing businesses available and different ways to book your car in. Car servicing in Wakefield can be booked online from Ossett Tyre House.

Do you regularly check any of these before your journey?

Personalised Woven Labels From Easy2name – Review & Giveaway

Gorgeous Personalised Woven Labels from Easy2name arrived in the post last week with ‘Handmade by’ on them! I had been looking at labels for my crochet projects, hoping one day I’ll be good enough to give something away on the blog. For now, you can enter below for a chance to win your own personalised woven labels, read on to find out more!

Personalised Woven Labels - Review & Giveaway


How To Order

The ordering process with Easy2name is so quick and simple with a wide range of options and label types. Once you have selected the type and quantity you would like to order you can then personalise your label.


Personalised Woven Labels

I chose the 23mm woven labels over the 12mm as they will mostly be stitched onto my crocheted items which tend to be quite big/chunky. I decided to go with a flower motif and chose my text ‘Handmade By’ across 3 lines. Then I selected font 4 as it is quite similar to the font on my blog header.

Easy2name have a wide selection of colours available for letting and labels. I decided to have my woven labels in purple with cream lettering. The labels arrived really quickly and look so lovely, I can’t wait to finish my huge granny square blanket and add one to it! These will definitely come in handy, especially when I make items for the girls.

Personalised Woven Labels

Last year a girl convinced Eva the scarf I made wasn’t hers and it was never returned even though it was completely different to anyone else’s scarf. If it had one of these on there would have been no dispute and Eva would still have her scarf. They will definitely be used to avoid situations like that again.

Easy2name make it so easy to name and personalise a range of items, I recommend taking a look at their website to see what else is available. If you don’t win the giveaway below but would like to order some personalised woven labels yourself, then see below for the price list.


23mm Wide Personalised Woven Labels:

20 Labels – £18

40 Labels – £21

60 Labels – £26

12mm Wide Personalised Woven Labels:

36 Labels – £18

72 Labels  £21

144 Labels – £25


Fancy winning a set of Personalised Woven Labels for yourself? Enter below for a chance, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Key Finder From Recover-Key

I received a Key Finder from Recover-Key to try out, a product designed to reunite lost keys with their owners if found. It is easily done when we are rushing around or out having a drink or even have toddlers that love to lose important things!

Key finder keyring from Recover-Key

Why Use A Key Finder

I am always losing my keys! Thankfully I only tend to lose my keys at home, possibly because I rarely go out haha! It definitely gives me peace of mind knowing if I do lose them and someone finds them, they can be returned easily. Losing keys causes panic, frustration and generally an unnecessary cost. Calling out a locksmith or even replacing several keys at once can be an unwelcome cost. This can be avoided if someone spots your key finder and contacts Recover-key.

What is Recover-Key?

Recover-Key is a service that provides a quick, safe and secure return of your keys for a one-off payment. This service costs just £10 with no monthly subscription cost. Once ordered your key finder will arrive within 2-3 days via Royal Mail 2nd Class Delivery. If you enter your details before the release date (2nd February) you will receive a 50% discount dropping it to just £5!

Key Finder Key Ring

The Key Finder key ring contains a 24/7 contact number, email and site address for Recover-Key. It also has an ID number unique to you. Using this unique ID number Recover-Key will contact you via the provided email address and organise the safe return of your keys.

Such a simple yet effective idea! I always check keys when I find them in case I can locate the missing owner before handing them in. I’d definitely spot this bright yellow key ring and make sure to contact them. This great service will be ready in early 2018 for the public to buy. I would definitely recommend signing up to reserve one or receive emails to find out when they become available to buy.

Do you think a Key Finder would be helpful for you too?

Bookkeeping And Accountant Services For Bloggers

A reliable bookkeeper and accountant for bloggers is important when it comes to monetising your blog. Most of us bloggers eventually aim to monetise our blogs in someway. When we do however it can get a little confusing. There is just so much to keep track of and learn on top of what we are already busy doing.

Bookkeeeping and Accountant Services or Bloggers

Why You Need An Accountant

Keeping track of incomings and outgoings and working out Tax returns can seem very confusing! It is definitely worth investing in a reliable bookkeeper/accountant as you can save yourself a lot of valuable time. Having an accountant that knows what they are doing can help you avoid missing deadlines and being penalised. Win-win!

In all honesty I wouldn’t know where to start looking for an accountant myself. When I spotted Kaiden (A Suffolk Dad) tweet that his partner Jamie was waiting for his AAT license and asking for suggestions to get his services out there I thought I could help. Sharing Jamie’s services with my readers was a no-brainer for me. Bloggers often ask each other for advice and recommendations so it made sense to share his details.

If you are in need of a bookkeeper/accountant to help with your tax returns then check out the services Jamie offers below. Give him a message to see how he can help you keep on top of your accounts.

Bookkeeper and Accountant – Jamie Oldman*


Financial Accounting & Accounts Preparation for Sole Trader and Partnerships

VAT Returns

Budgeting and Forecasting

Management Accounts

Personal Income Tax

Business Income Tax

A Note From Jamie

If you would like to chat about how I may be able to help you, you are welcome to contact me directly on

Jamie Oldman MAAT AATQB

*Subject to receiving AAT licence.

Have you considered using an accountant before or do you already have one?

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