Buying Second-Hand Luxury Watches

It’s tough buying second-hand luxury watches with confidence. You can’t always be certain you are buying an authentic luxury watch second-hand.

buying second-hand luxury watches

The Mr used to wear a watch so I was hunting around before Christmas for a new one. I had planned to buy him a gaming chair but a watch was a backup gift but I was unsure where to start.

Most sellers offer no protection when buying. It is scarily easy to be fooled by imitations. It can be a huge loss as often imitations hold no value whatsoever. We’ve had a few issues in the past ourselves with buying imitation products. You can lose a lot of money!

Buying Second-Hand Luxury Watches

If you plan to buy a second-hand luxury watch it’s best to find an expert seller. A genuine seller can provide both certificates of authenticity and a guarantee. These offer a piece of mind when buying second-hand.

There are sites such as Chronoexpert where you can buy used luxury watches safely. Transactions between individually through Chronoexpert are under cover and protection of Chronoexpert facilities. Each watch is examined and analysed by experts in watchmaking ensuring imitations do not pass through the site. You can buy some lovely watches from Breitling to Rolex.

Proof Of Authenticity

The real value of each watch is provided by an expert with a guarantee of two years. They also provide certifications of authenticity and a 14 day retraction period. I think this is a pretty good service bearing in mind the high risk of buying an imitation.

The last thing you want is to try and treat yourself, a partner or friend only to find you’ve been duped with no chance of recovering the loss. With this service, there is no chance of that happening as each watch is expertly inspected before being sold.

If you are buying a second-hand luxury watch I would definitely recommend using this service.

Have you bought a second-hand luxury watch before? Have you heard of Chronoexpert?

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