Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband deals can be a nightmare. There are just so many offers out there. Before you purchase any kind of broadband packages, there are several things you need to consider. We’ve actually stayed with the same company for quite a long time now but every now and then we do shop around.

Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband Deals

When it comes to comparing broadband deals you really need to consider several things to ensure the package is just right for you such as those offered by CenturyLink internet plans. Whether you are looking for email access, business use, family use, gaming or streaming there are different packages perfectly suited.


There are various broadband speeds available but what you need depends on your individual usage. If you are only checking emails you aren’t going to need a super-fast broadband package. If however, you love to stream films and play games, have various devices and users, a super-fast package is more likely to be the best option. We use a super-fast package as all 4 of us use the internet in some way.

Download Allowances

Most packages range from 2GB to unlimited download allowances. If you are simply checking emails a 2GB allowance is perfect. For web browsing and occasionally watching youtube or similar you are going to need somewhere between 10-30GB. As with the speed, if you are a gamer, film buff or have various devices and users then anywhere from 40GB to unlimited would be ideal. We have an unlimited download allowance which is perfect for our family.


As we found when we moved into our current home, not all services are available in all areas and buildings. Due to living in a high-rise flat, we are fairly limited as to which broadband companies we can access. It’s worth checking beforehand as we found out at the last minute.


As with most services these days some deals offer add-ons such as phone lines or TV packages. Only agree to a deal that offers exactly what you need. We don’t have a TV or phone package as we don’t use them enough to warrant them. Consider how much time you may use a phone or TV package before agreeing.

Internet Security

Internet Security

Most companies even offer an Internet security package too but again check price differences. Sometimes a standalone security package can work out better value with more protection. Everyone needs some form of protection against viruses.

Shop Around

It really is worth shopping around as you can save a lot of money. Depending on your needs as an internet user, you can find a great deal by shopping around. Sometimes there’s as much as £40 difference between packages!

Do you compare broadband deals before deciding which package is right for you?

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