Try 4 Maintenance Tips To Stay Safe

Try 4 Maintenance tips to stay safe on the road with the awful weather we’ve been having. When the weather changes it is important your car is well maintained and in perfect working condition. If you plan to make even a short journey you really should consider these 4 maintenance tips to stay safe.

4 maintenance tips

4 Maintenance Tips

Keep Fluids Topped Up

Always check fluids are kept topped up to keep your car healthy. Checking you have enough oil, coolant, brake fluid & fuel before journeys can help to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Check Tyres

Check Tyre’s before journeys to ensure tyre pressures and tread depth are at the correct levels. If you are unsure then check your owner manual. As a child, our car lost control in the snow due to extreme wear on the tyres. The tyres couldn’t grip the icy roads and spun out of control narrowly avoiding a tree. It’s a good idea to check for slow punctures and anything that may have got stuck in them during previous journeys.

Check Lights

Make sure you check your headlights, brake lights & indicators are in fully working condition before setting off. Without these you can’t warn other road users or pedestrians of your movements on the road. This puts you and others at high risk of a fatal accident that can be easily avoided with a replacement bulb.

Servicing Before A Long Trip

Servicing your car before a long trip can help to avoid any major complications. Having someone experienced service your car is always best when it comes to road safety. There are plenty of car servicing businesses available and different ways to book your car in. Car servicing in Wakefield can be booked online from Ossett Tyre House.

Do you regularly check any of these before your journey?