Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Car Tyres

Warning signs that you need to change your tyres are extremely important to look out for. Tyres are the most important aspect of a car and ignoring warning signs can cause serious problems.

Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Car Tyres

Why Healthy Tyres Are Important

Tyres are the only point of contact on the road and need to be kept in perfect condition to ensure safety whilst travelling. Ensuring tyre health improves fuel economy and minimises carbon emissions. It not only reduces the cost of driving but will help the environment too! Illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres can cause serious road traffic accidents. In 2016, 8 people were killed and 120 people seriously injured due to unsafe or damaged tyres.

Having seen the devastating results of damaged tyres myself, tyre safety is really important to me. As a child, I was in a few road accidents, including losing control in the snow due to poor tyre tread. We stopped inches from a tree and set of stairs down to an underpass and it was terrifying!

Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Car Tyres

There are a few warning signs you can look out for that will indicate you need to change your car tyres.

Warning signs include:

  • Your car feeling unsteady on the road and isn’t driving smoothly
  • Too much vibration may indicate an alignment or balancing issue
  • Lookout for cracks in the sidewall
  • Bulges or blisters on tyres
  • Low tread depth
  • Weird noises such as thumping, whining or squeaking
  • Aged tyres
  • Low/High Tyre Pressure

Importance Of Buying The Right Tyres

Contacting your local tyre centre can make buying tyres much easier. With expert advice from local tyre centres, you can save a lot of time and money. Finding new tyres can be difficult and you might want to continue using the old ones – which is not the right thing to do. So if you don’t want to expose yourself to any road safety risks you can buy car tyres online in Manchester (or any other locality where you live) from Point S.

What happens if you don’t go to an expert and ignore warning signs

Whilst you should keep an eye out for warning signs yourself, consulting a tyre expert is always the best option. Without regular checks, the quality of your tyres may suffer and lead to future tyre issues.

Over time the rubber in tyres degrades and may lead to a serious accident. Bald tyres are dangerous, especially on wet surfaces. Worn tyres should be replaced with a new equivalent well before the legal minimum tread limit. The minimum tread limit is 1.6mm but tyres should be replaced, as soon as they reach 3mm. It’s best to check your tyre tread regularly and consult an expert if you are unsure.
Car manufacturers set the type, make, size, profile, load carrying capacities and speed ratings of each car. You should only change the type of tyres on your vehicle based on expert advice to ensure your care is safe on the road.

Because tyre pressures vary, it’s always best to have an expert check the tyre pressure to avoid premature wear. Low pressure leaves the sidewall exposed as the tyre has to compensate to stabilise the car.

Any tyre issue should be checked over by an expert to ensure the safety of yourself, loved onesand other people on the road.

Try 4 Maintenance Tips To Stay Safe

Try 4 Maintenance tips to stay safe on the road with the awful weather we’ve been having. When the weather changes it is important your car is well maintained and in perfect working condition. If you plan to make even a short journey you really should consider these 4 maintenance tips to stay safe.

4 maintenance tips

4 Maintenance Tips

Keep Fluids Topped Up

Always check fluids are kept topped up to keep your car healthy. Checking you have enough oil, coolant, brake fluid & fuel before journeys can help to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Check Tyres

Check Tyre’s before journeys to ensure tyre pressures and tread depth are at the correct levels. If you are unsure then check your owner manual. As a child, our car lost control in the snow due to extreme wear on the tyres. The tyres couldn’t grip the icy roads and spun out of control narrowly avoiding a tree. It’s a good idea to check for slow punctures and anything that may have got stuck in them during previous journeys.

Check Lights

Make sure you check your headlights, brake lights & indicators are in fully working condition before setting off. Without these you can’t warn other road users or pedestrians of your movements on the road. This puts you and others at high risk of a fatal accident that can be easily avoided with a replacement bulb.

Servicing Before A Long Trip

Servicing your car before a long trip can help to avoid any major complications. Having someone experienced service your car is always best when it comes to road safety. There are plenty of car servicing businesses available and different ways to book your car in. Car servicing in Wakefield can be booked online from Ossett Tyre House.

Do you regularly check any of these before your journey?