Favourite Athleisure – Staying Warm & Comfy!

What’s your favourite Athleisure wear? Do you prefer joggers? Hoodies? Trainers? As a spoonie, I love warm cosy hoodies the most. I have quite a collection of hoodies, especially as I struggle to stay warm. I’ve been doing some online window shopping for comfy Athleisure wear to keep me warm this winter. 

Favourite Athleisure

At the moment my favourite hoody is an Umbro one I picked up in Asda on sale for £4! It’s so cosy and it’s smart enough for me to wear out with my jeans on a cold day too. It’s very similar this one below from the Umbro site. 

Photo Credit: Umbro.co.uk

Hoodie Wishlist

Of course, you can never have enough hoodies! So I’ve been eyeing up a few on the Adidas site. The Mr has an Adidas hoody almost as old as me that is still going strong, so I checked out the range Adidas has right now.

I love this oversized Trefoil Hoodie in blue, it would be perfect with jeans for nipping to the shops and lounging around indoors in.

Oversize Trefoil Hoodie Super Blue DH3181
Photo Credit: Adidas.co.uk

There is a lovely fleece purple Nike Hoodie I have my eyes on right now too! 

Nike Sportswear Women's Fleece Hoodie
Photo Credit: Nike.com 

Another lovely hoodie is this grey Sport ID Hoodie. It looks so cosy and warm! Perfect for keeping wrapped up this winter.

Sport ID Hoodie Medium Grey Heather / White CZ5667
Photo Credit: Adidas.co.uk

I love hoodies, there are so many different styles available and they really keep you warm. They can look smart with a pair of jeans whilst still staying casual and comfortable.


I love joggers for lounging around indoors, warm yet not too restrictive! Jogging bottoms are essential for me, if we have people over I need to at least look like I’ve got dressed but due to my chronic pain wearing clothes is painful. Being able to wear joggers and a hoodie makes a big difference and there are some lovely joggers around like these Adidas Essential 3 stripe grey joggers. 

Essentials 3 Stripes Closed Hem Pants Medium Grey Heather / Haze Coral CZ5750
Photo Credit: Adida.co.uk


Lastly, my trainers are hugely important. I may not go out much but I need something comfortable, warm and sturdy on my feet. Most boots just don’t feel right to me so I live in my Nike Air Max’s. I currently have a gorgeous black & purple pair I bought from the Nike Outlet Store. 

Favourite Athleisure

I’ve been looking for other purple trainers and the Women’s Originals Superstar range has a fab pair with purple stripes!

Superstar Shoes Ftwr White / Red Night / Silver Met. B41510
Photo Credit: Adidas.co.uk

Do you have favourite Athleisure wear? 

Our first NIKEiD order

Something some of you may have noticed from some of my posts is that my Mr is quite fussy so it’s no surprise he is a nightmare to buy trainer’s for. His were well overdue a replacement and with his birthday coming up and my back pay coming through I decided to treat him to a new pair of Nike’s which are the only trainer’s he will wear because they are wider and comfy.

The Mr only like’s leather trainer’s and prefer’s the Air Max 90’s which with Nike’s current mesh craze made it extremely difficult to find any that were full leather yet alone the colour scheme he was after as he prefers plain and simple trainers. He refused to look at any over around £70-80 to begin with which made it even more difficult as of course most Nike Air Max 90’s are around the £90-100 mark but he eventually though he had found a pair on ebay and he won them for £72 inc p&p.

Unfortunately when they arrived they were not brand new, never worn as the description stated, they had paint and what looks like tip-ex on parts of the sole and filling in colours which also made them seem like fakes. There was some orange staining on them and lots of stitching issues too so after a lot of hassle and a week of the seller refusing a return & refund (even with pictures of all the issues) until Ebay stepped in I decided I’d had enough as I was paying out for them and told the Mr he was only to buy a new pair from a proper site or shop.

Again he spent ages searching for the colour scheme he had seen and wanted but it wasn’t stocked anywhere not even on the Nike store but there was the option to customise your own for £125. After eventually managing to convince the Mr the price was fine as it was a present he got on with designing a pair his way.

After double checking he was happy with them I ordered them for him on the 30th June and we have received email’s from Nike updating us along the way which is nice. We were told to expect them anywhere up to 5 weeks from the day we ordered to receive them so we were quite impressed when we received an email the very next day telling us they had already started to make the Mr’s new trainers!


On the 6th June another email arrived letting us know the finishing touches were being done before his trainer’s were shipped which got us a little excited thinking they could possibly arrive within the next week or two!

Neither of us have ever ordered something like this before so it has been a bit exciting for us I wont lie haha! I’m rather relieved too as in the 8ish year’s we have been together I’ve struggled to buy the Mr anything for his birthdays as I either can’t afford it or he doesn’t want anything and I always feel so guilty so it was nice to finally do something special for him at last.

Just 2 days after the previous email we got another letting us know our order had been shipped on the 8th with UPS and were provided with tracking information. It was quite interesting keeping an eye on their journey starting in Vietnam plus we were quite relieved to know UPS would be delivering too as they tend to be rather quick and reliable. We were still rather surprised when we when we saw yesterday morning that they had finally reached Barking and that we would receive them by the end of tomorrow (13th)!

We were even more surprised when they actually turned up a few hours later and the Mr opened them up straight away.

So many scans on the tracking info!

He was instantly pleased with the quality and detail on the trainers and of course the fact they are all leather with no mesh.

He picked University red to give them a little colour which is a really nice red especially on the back logo.

The Mr tried them on grinning and straight away said they were like putting on slipper’s as they were so comfortable and the perfect fit which was quite a relief after the let down when the first pair arrived.

He really is pleased with the way they turned out and the overall service from NikeiD & UPS and it’s beginning to sound like this won’t be his last pair either and although I normally don’t like spending that kind of money on anything I would happily pay it again.. and possibly design a nice purple pair for myself too haha! 

What colour scheme would you go for?