Cleaner Teeth With Splat Professional Oral Care

You can have cleaner teeth with splat professional oral care who ethically and scientifically develop and manufacture professional oral care for the whole family. We were sent some samples to try out for ourselves and the girls. Splat Oral care have a wide range of products available with natural and effective ingredients.

Splat Oral Care

We were sent a selection of Splat Oral Care products to try for ourselves. The girls recieved some really funky flavours which they were excited to try.

Childrens Toothpastes


6-11 Years

Eva recieved the So’Natural Bubble Gum Toothpaste for Kids aged 6-11 years. The bubble gum flavoured paste is 98% Natural and free from fluoride. It protects against cavities and dental plaque. Also intensively strengthening enamel with calcium hydroxyapatite this is a great toothpaste for kids. Protecting gums too these natural toothpastes are great for healthier, cleaner teeth.


2-6 Years

Izzy recieved the kids 2-6years Fruity Ice Cream flavoured toothpaste. Splat Kids natural toothpaste offers protection from tooth decay thanks to grape seed extract and Luctatol system. It strengthens enamel using calcium hydroxyapatite. These toothpastes are completely safe if accidentally swallowed. It is also free from mint, fluoride parabens, SLS/SLES petrochemicals and allergens.

Children Of All Ages

The girls also recieved the new Juicy chocolate flavoured toothpaste to share between them as it is suitabe for all ages. Not only is the chocolatey toothpaste delicious but it strengthens enamel with calcium hydroxyapatite too. It is safe if accidentally swallowed and deeply restores and strengthens dental tissue effectively and protects against cavities and soft dental plaque.

Adult Toothpastes

The Bio calcium Sensitivity/Enamel strengthening toothpaste, thanks to Hydroxyapatite and bioactive Calcis derived from egg shell, this natural toothpaste re-mineralises the enamel. Great for reducing hypersensitivity whilst gently whitening due to the SP white system.

Cleaner Teeth - Biocalcium

Cleaner Teeth

Blackwood whitening & fresh breath toothpaste contains activated birch charcoal which absorbs odors and stains for cleaner teeth. Thanks to juniper berries, Biosol and stevia extracts it also protefts against bacteria whilst being free from flouride.

The White Plus daily use toothpaste safely and gently whitens and protects enamel. The White Plus daily use is suitable for sensitive teeth and contains fluoride.


What do you think of the this Natural range of Oral care products for Cleaner Teeth?