Back To Normality After Christmas

After a hectic few week’s thing’s are finally getting back to normality after Christmas. I’ve been much quieter than planned on the blog so thought I’d write a quick catch up post. We had a brilliant one this year and were on top of the girl’s presents thanks to starting early and picking up a few bargains along the way.

The lead up


The lead up to Christmas was very busy especially with the Mr painting characters on the walls for the girls including Olaf (don’t mention the body 😉) , Gingerbread man  and an elf! The girls absolutely loved them and I personally don’t want the gingerbread man to go!


There was plenty of last minute buying and panicking about the Mr’s present which luckily a very good friend (you know who you are!) helped me out with. So the Mr at least had a few beers to go along with a top I bought him instead of nothing.. good job really since he got me a Microsoft Surface 3!!!! Admittedly I still feel guilty & going to order him another box of beers for him next payday from Beer52, as I said I would for Christmas but ran out of time!

Santa visit

We visited Santa with Alex (my brother) on Christmas eve again this year. Carrying on the tradition we started last year. Although I forgot to pre-book so we had almost a 2 hour wait it wasn’t too bad. We chatted inline with a mum and her son Oscar after we watched him so she could grab McDonald’s for them to eat whilst they waited. They helped keep the girls chatting to stop the boredom. We also took pictures with the big bears that came round to entertain those queueing. The girls and Alex also ended up with a HUGE stash of candy canes as they all had to go and Izzy was being cheeky and cute haha!

Christmas Morning


Christmas morning we had a 30 min wait for my brother to arrive. Well once the girls were eventually awake the Mr and I were up rather early so it wasn’t too bad! The girls couldn’t wait to see their Uncle Alex and make sure he joined in. They all opened their stockings then took a quick break to eat some more chocolate before moving onto bigger presents. They were all over the moon with their gifts which was lovely to see. My jaw was on the floor though when I realised my blogging life was about to become a whole lot easier. Thanks to the Mr buying me a Microsoft surface pro 3! 

Normality after Christmas

We had a delicious Christmas Dinner cooked by the Mr with all the usual yummy stuff! We all ended up in a food coma and wanting bed quite soon after! My brother spent most of the day saying how happy he was and how the day had given him a sense of normality and family life. It was brilliant spending the day with him and spoiling him along with the girls. He joined us again to see in the New Year and again couldn’t stop saying how happy he was. It’s really hit him how well he has done over the last year. He’s turned his life around with a little bit of help and knowing he does have family who really do love & care about him.

Coming to an end

So all in all it’s been a fabulous time but as always very tiring with all the running around & cleaning. As the holidays came to an end Izzy was quite ill and had a few sofa days. Eva began to misbehave quite a bit over the last few days which has made me feel quite low. Luckily she is back to school today and normality has returned.. fingers crossed so does her good behaviour!

How was your Christmas? Are you relieved to get back to routine or wishing it was Christmas every day?


    We have a blended family so we have Christmas day twice . Our kids get some presents Christmas eve then different home and family Christmas day. It hurts waking Christmas day to a quiet house empty house. However it has to be done for the kids not for us.u no? By doing this we hope we are giving the kids the v best of both worlds ? I no longer compete such as who spends how much on whom. As a disabled single parent who spends weeks in hospital at a time I'm glad the kids have the other family to go to. Give them some normality? I'm so glad your brother spent real loving family time with u all sounds like all ur Christmas planning helped. was it cheaper on the purse this way? Thank your for your articles love your blog and daily tweets x

    caz | 7 years ago Reply

      Ah that does sound difficult but always better to do what's best for the kids! It does sound like they get the best of both world. Thank you for your comment, it was a little cheaper as I picked up a lot of bargains starting in September x

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

    Sounds like you all had a fantastic time! So much going on too! Im glad you squeezed seeing us in the run up! I think Mr is brilliant and you should feel guilty as his present is awesome 😉 pleased a friend could help you out too. Now Eva is back to school normality can resume!

    Martyn Kitney | 7 years ago Reply

      It was lovely but busy! It was great meeting up with you guys and breaking it up a bit! Haha shh you! I do still owe him though 😂😂 I do have awesome friends 😉 It's been a lovely calm day so far!

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

    I love the idea of painting the walls with characters, although I don't think I'd be brave enough! Sounds like you had a great day. Our Christmas was hectic as Hubby was on nights on Christmas Eve and with it being my son's first Christmas, we tried to squeeze far too much in once he woke up!

    Tee | 7 years ago Reply

      I was umming a bit about painting but loved it once it was done haha! Aw that's such a shame! Christmas can be a bit much for little ones! Izzy was exhausted by 10/11am from the excitement haha! xx

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

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