Wicked Teas – Adagio Halloween Special

The Wicked Teas – Adagio Halloween Special sampler set is now available! This limited edition collection is just £19.00 for 6x 14g tins of loose tea. Having recently sampled a large collection of  Delicious Adagio Teas, I was really excited to try their Halloween special!

Wicked Teas - Adagio Halloween Special

Wicked Teas

These wicked teas come in Halloween themed tins with a mix of spooky sprinkles across them all. Perfect for any tea lover & collector who loves Halloween too.

Bat Brew - Wicked Teas

Bat Brew

Adagio have taken their Chocolate Chai to a new level, blending it with chocolate chips and green sugar crystals. Resulting in an indulgent sweet treat for Halloween, Bat Brew is possibly my favourite!

Candy Apple Concoction - Wicked Teas

Candy Apple Concoction

A candy apple concoction reminiscent of the trick-or-treating favourite! Blended with apple pieces red sugar crystals that look like the candy coating has fallen straight in to your cup. This makes for a frightfully good cup of tea.

Cat Scratch - Wicked Teas

Cat Scratch

A wickedly delightful blend of cat shaped sprinkles with cinnamon and a customer favourite, Tiger Eye. Another delicious tea with a hint of cocoa & caramel too!

Ghoul Gulp - Wicked Teas

Ghoul Gulp

A frightfully smooth decaf vanilla tea, spook-tacular enough to satisfy any ghost, goblin or ghoul! Accented with coconut pieces and topped with mini ghost shaped sprinkles, this is the perfect Gulp after a night of trick-or-treating.

Monster Mash - Wicked Teas

Monster Mash

A monstrous mash-up of caramel and cream tea flavours will have you screaming with delight! Topped with ghastly green jimmies and bone-chilling candy eyeballs for the perfect Monster brew.

Pumpkin Potion - Wicked Teas

Pumpkin Potion

It won’t take long to fall under this potions spell! This naturally caffeine-free concoction contains Honeybush Pumpkin Chai with orange Pumpkin shaped sprinkles and a dash of cocoa nibs. Another spook-tacular treat!

It’s safe to say Adagio have all ghouls, ghost, monsters, witches, goblins and more covered this Halloween when it comes to tea! Picking a favourite is tough as they are all delicious and a perfect sweet treat.

Which tea do you like the sound of most? 

Halloween Melts From Geeky Melts

The most amazing Halloween Melts arrived last week from Geeky Melts for me to review. Melts are simply placed in an oil burner instead of oils and they release scents as they melt.

Halloween Melts From Geeky Melts

Geeky Melts

I tend to find Melts a little pointless BUT there’s something very calming watching bones and skulls slowly melt. I think I finally understand the fascination. Geeky Melts have so many different amazing designs available for every occasion.

Wax Melts From Geeky Melts

Halloween Melts

I was kindly sent 4 pots to review with a mixture of melt designs and scents and I truly love them all! Laura at Geeky Melts hand pours every wax melt and they start from as little as £1.50 (+P&P).

Black Rose & Oudh Halloween Melts

The First pot contained Black & Red Dark Mark Skulls, and Mini Heart Melts with a Black Rose and Oudh scent. This is my favourite scent by far and I really enjoyed watching the skulls melt away. 

Melon & Cucumber Rose wax melt from Geeky Melts

The next pot contained a gorgeous Melon and Cucumber scented White Glittery ‘Dead Flower’ Melt. I love how fruity this scent is, it really makes the room smell lush!

Geeky Melts - Halloween Wax Melts

I love the designs in the third pot these 3D Melts are amazing in blue with a hint of red on 2 of the melts. With a refreshing Rock Salt and Drift Wood scent, these are seriously cool melts. 

Skull, Bone & Hearts Wax Melts

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh linen? The final pot contained a mix of Fresh Linen scented Hearts, Skull & Bone Melts.

I really do see the interest in wax melts now, they make your home smell amazing. They are fascinating to watch melt & rather calming too. I love how much detail has gone into making these melts from the colours, sparkle and scents, they are fab!

I’ll be treating myself to more from Geeky Melts very soon for myself and as gifts for Christmas. There are a range of different designs and scents to choose from at Geeky Melts to suit everyone. 

Do you like wax melts? What do you think of Geeky Melts?

Halloween Books For Kids

There are some fantastic Halloween books for kids of all ages. The girls absolutely love Halloween and a good spooky story to get stuck in to. Together we have put together a list of books we think are perfect for Halloween! Mostly suitable for children aged 7 to 9 but we’ve also included a super cute book perfect for 3-5 years too.

Halloween books for kids

Halloween Books For Kids – Night of the Living Ted

This is the first book in a hilarious new series by Barry Hutchison and illustrated by Lee Cosgrove. This funny yet scary book is aimed at 7 to 9 year olds. Eva recently reviewed Night of the Living Ted and absolutely loved it.

Night of the Living Ted - Book Review

Lisa-Marie & her step-brother Vernon pop into town in search of a birthday present for their dad. They discover a Create-a-Ted shop offering free Halloween Bears! That night the shopkeeper brings the bears to life for nefarious purposes but Vernon’s bear, Grizz doesn’t want to be a slave to humans. Grizz wants to rule the world! Having converted the shopkeeper’s Stuff-U-Lator into a machine for turning living matter into stuffed bears, he begins to prowl the streets. Can the children and Bearvis save themselves and the world from being stuffed?

Vlad The Worlds Worst Vampire Series

Vlad the worlds wors vampire series

We simply couldn’t pick a favourite from the Vlad the worlds worst vampire series. We’ve reviewed 3 of the Vlad books so far including Vlad the Worlds Worst Vampire,Fang-tastic Friends & Midnight Fright. In this funny series Vlad the worlds worst vampire faces many problems sneaking off to human school! Will he ever be a good enough vampire to earn his bat license? These are a great selection of Halloween books for children aged 7 to 9 years.

Hounds of Penhallow Hall – The Secrets Tree

For children who love a good mystery, The secrets tree is a great read this Halloween. Polly & rex are in search of a new ghost dog whilst celebrations are in full swing at the stately home. They come across a dog’s head carved in a door down the old stable block. They also wake a terrier called patch, only for him to run away.

The Secrets Tree

Polly & rex find him hiding in a hollow tree and find themselves on the trail of an even greater mystery. Inside the tree is a coded message! Can Polly & Rex unravel the mystery of the dog’s young master and his brother?

I’m Just a Little Vampire (Google-eye book)

This cure rhyming googly-eye book is perfect for little ones ages 3 to 5 years. Little vampire tells you all about his vampire life throughout this adorable rhyming book. The googly eyes wobble about as you turn the pages, delighting younger children!

It can be hard including younger children in Halloween excitement without scaring them but this book is perfect. Izzy loves this book, she received it last year and regularly pulls it out to be read to her.

Do your kids have any favourite Halloween books? 

Halloween Party Foods

We’ve been checking out Halloween party foods this week. The girls have half term this Halloween so we are planning a spooky week full of spooky foods, crafts, games & more!

Halloween Party Foods


Heck Halloweiners

Heck sausages have created Halloweiners containing pork, pumpkin & black treacle! They also contain a dash of red chilli but not enough to be noticeable, especially for children. These gluten-free and dairy-free sausages are perfect for everyone. You can find these in store at Sainsburys from October 10th.

Halloween Party Foods

We were kindly sent some Halloweiners to try and I have to say, I am in love! I am extremely fussy when it comes to sausages, I tend to stick to pork & honey chipolatas. The Halloweiners are lovely though and I would happily eat these any day! None of us are overly keen on pumpkin but there wasn’t too much in these so they tasted just right.

Halloweiners cooking

We cooked up the Halloweiners for ourselves and a friend to try, we all quickly demolished them. I’m impressed we all enjoyed them with an extremely fussy eater, kind of fussy eater and someone who will eat most things. I think that says a lot! I had hoped to get a photo of the cooked sausages but we accidentally ate them before I had the chance, they smelled so good!

Fiendish Fancies

Who doesn’t love a French fancy? Mr Kipling has created these Fiendish Fancies, perfect for a Halloween spread. Morrison’s currently have Fiendish Fancies on offer for £1.

Fiendish Fancies

These delicious little treats are orange flavour sponge with a vanilla topping, drenched in orange coloured fondant icing. We love these and finished the box a little too quickly so we’ll be buying more! 

Spooky Skulls Gingerbread

Decorate your own Spooky Skulls

We regularly shop in Morrison’s who create fantastic gingerbread kits to suit different events. For Halloween this year they have created Spooky Skulls to decorate with Purple (WIN!) icing and chocolate beans!

Kids love decorating their own gingerbread then demolishing them after. These are a fab activity and snack whilst watching Halloween films. These fab packs are £2 in store.

Which Halloween Party Foods are your favourite?

Halloween Box From My Pocket Money Toys

This Halloween Box from My Pocket Money Toys is full of spooktacular gifts to keep the kids amused this Halloween! My Pocket Money Toys is a toy subscription service for children aged 3-5, 6-7 & 8 -10 years. They offer a range of subscription packages including 3 & 6 months & a yearly package. Prices vary depending on the age range but they are very reasonable for what’s included.

Halloween Box

Halloween Box From My Pocket Money Toys

We received this months Halloween Box to review and couldn’t wait to check it out! The girls opened their box to find a Bouncy Eyeballs Kit, Soft Cuddly Bat, Stretchy Skeleton, Funny Eye Glasses & Glow in the dark Slime. There is also a colouring sheet, My Pocket Money Toys Stamp Book, stamp book stickers, chocolate ghost lolly & sweets. That’s a great selection for any child at Halloween!


Soft Cuddly Bat

Izzy of course had to have the Bat & Stretchy Skeleton, they are keeping her rather amused with one flying across the room & the other sticking & hanging from the walls and ceiling haha! Izzy decided the Colouring Sheet was also hers.

Halloween Colouring Sheet

Eva loved the Funny Eye Glasses and has added them to her dressing up collection. The Glow in the dark Slime caught Eva’s attention too. As it comes with a glow in the dark bracelet to wear too Eva couldn’t wait to get it open. The Bouncy Eyeball Kit is something she is really looking forward to making this week to scare her friend for Halloween haha!


In each subscription box from My Pocket Money Toys you will find a Stamp Book and Stamps, collect 10 & you get a free toy! I love this idea and My Pocket Money Toys Subscription boxes, they really are great fun & a lovely surprise when they arrive for the kids. Whilst prices do vary depending which subscription you choose starting at £37.80 – £43.20 for a 3 month subscription. I think they are definitely worth it considering how much you get in each box.

What do you think of the Halloween Box from My Pocket Money Toys? Do you like the sound of their Toy Subscription service too?

DIY Daddy

Adult Halloween Party Dècor Ideas

I’ve been looking at adult Halloween party décor ideas this week since it isn’t too far away. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween and so has my brother so I’ve been looking at fun Halloween party ideas.

Happy Halloween

Adult Halloween Party

I came across a lot of children’s crafts which are great but I wanted something more grown up. I found some great ideas on this festive lights blog post. They have some great décor ideas amongst others in their free downloadable PDF pack. I decided to try some out to see how easy they were.

festive lights halloween party pack

Pumpkin Carving Challenge

One of the games in the downloadable party pack was a pumpkin carving challenge, complete with templates to print out. I printed a template sheet out and have a go so I was prepared for the challenge.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas

I decided to try carving a few bats using the template pictured above. The game of thrones template looked awesome but slightly too difficult for me haha! For a beginner pumpkin carver I was quite impressed with the end result to be honest. I’d totally win the challenge!

Adult halloween party ideas

Ok maybe not quite. Using the templates definitely looks a lot better than the last mushed up orange mess I produced though! Do you have a much better pumpkin photo to put mine to shame? The bat design is much better than the usual faces I’d attempt too. I think I may try spraying a pumpkin purple first next time, what do you think? 

Decor ideas

Spooky Candles

Next I made the spooky candles! It only took me a few minutes to draw all the spooky faces on the candles. They turned out better than I had expected and I had some fun taking pictures of them. It love that these ideas are quick, simple & cheap décor crafts too. Even with my unsteady left-handedness I managed 2 simple décor ideas.. yay!

Spooky Candles

The PDF also had some fantastic costume ideas including a guide to paint our face like IT! Maybe I’ll have to borrow Eva’s Snazaroo face paints this week and try out a few different looks.

Are these adult Halloween party ideas & pack something you’d enjoy? Do you have any ideas I could use?

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