Crochet fun

I’ve got to admit I’ve been having so much fun crocheting lovely pieces now I have such a lovely stash of wool! I’ve been having lots of crochet fun!

After finishing Eva’s bag I really couldn’t think of what to try making next but Izzy helped me out by asking for a hat for her baby since one baby already had one attached to her. I quickly got to work and got a hat made up and gave it to Izzy the following morning, she absolutely loved it!

Izzy loves watching and helping me crochet and gets really excited when I pull out a ball of wool so I wasn’t surprised when she passed me a ball of wool and shouted at me as she pointed to her baby dolls feet. Socks.. Or shoes? I went for shoes as I struggled to follow a sock pattern and just altered it to the style I wanted and they didn’t turn out too bad! Although next time I think I’ll use thicker wool as the wool I used was quite thin.

crochet fun

I absolutely love the colour of the wool though & may use it for a light cardigan when I find a pattern I can read haha! I seem to be having trouble following pattern’s although I know the stitches and abbreviations!? So far my guessing hasn’t worked out too badly luckily..

Next Izzy wanted a dress for her baby and chose a pink (yuk), purple (yay!) & blue wool. Trying to find a dress pattern I liked and was easy to follow was hell to be honest. Most were too girly and frilly and I couldn’t stand them so after a bit of a sulk.. (I had already had to put up with using a wool with pink in it lol) I decided to just use the stitches I know and made it up as I went along adding button holes on the straps to make it easier for Izzy to dress and undress the doll. I have a huge stash of heart buttons & found some dark pink ones that I thought went well with the colours too & luckily Izzy loved the dress when it was finished.

I’m impressed how quickly I can crochet things like this and really enjoying learning all the stitches even if I am struggling to follow patterns.

I’m now debating what to make next and sorting my stash hasn’t helped at all.. Sooo many choices!!! If you dont follow me already then pop by my Instagram as I tend to share wip’s & finished projects on there 🙂 dont forget to follow me too, I follow back!


    They are fab! My crochet skills at the minute are limited to rows (i.e. blankets) but I'd love to make some clothes for my daughter's dolls, I have fond memories of the ones that my Mum and Grandma made for mine when I was little. Thanks for linking up to #craftingismytherapy

    Jennifer Jain | 8 years ago Reply

      As long as you can increase and decrease it does become easier.. I struggle to follow patterns so get the basic idea in my head and just go for it 🙈 I need to start counting my stitches properly though as some bits do end up quite wonky haha! My girls do love me making things for them & I hope they enjoy them just as much you enjoyed yours x

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    Love the dress! Isn't it just freeing to make a pattern up as you go sometimes? Crochet is so versatile! xx

    Elsie Pop | 8 years ago Reply

      Thank you, it really is! For a beginner I was quite pleased with myself :) x

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    I love the way you can make patterns up, I guess you just have to go for it! My daughter would love one of these for her teddies, she hasn't got many dolls to be honest. If I could crochet she would have me making things like this all the time :) thank you for linking to #craftingismytherapy

    Me, You and Magoo | 8 years ago Reply

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