Dream Purple Kitchen Bargain!

Last week I shared some lovely Purple bits I’ve spotted for my dream purple kitchen & mentioned the Wilko’s Colour Play Purple Microwave which I intended to buy when we got paid for £50 however when the Mr checked they had dropped the price to £40!

I love a bargain, it’s cheered me up knowing I not only got my purple microwave but for £10 less!

We ordered it on-line Friday morning to be delivered in store within the next 48 hours. The Mr had found that although the price had dropped our local store was out of stock. Luckily there were still 10 left on-line so I quickly ordered it to make sure I got one!

Being a bank holiday weekend I didn’t expect a pick & dispatched email until Tuesday morning even though the stores were open on the Monday but by late morning I still hadn’t received an email and after 2 weeks without a microwave already I decided to tweet Wilko and find out when it was due to be picked & dispatched.

After DM’ing my order number Connor answered my questions and informed me my order had been lost in transit. IEither I could wait until they had more in stock week or be refunded.

I panicked as either way I thought I’d be waiting a week as refunds take 5-7 days. I was already getting stressed without a microwave for so long (I never realised how handy they are until I didn’t have one!) so I asked if there were any in stock in my 2 local stores & Connor quickly let me know he had reserved one at the Basildon store for me!

The Mr quickly got in touch with a friend and they went to collect it for me. By 3.30pm I had my brand new shiny purple microwave in front of me!

I felt like a kid at Christmas! It was set up on the worktop with the rest of the Wilko ColourPlay appliances we have!

Purple Kitchen

Obviously I need a new glass chopping board in purple to compete this worktop 😉 but I think it looks quite now now even on a tight budget &  it definitely looks better than the ugly kitchen we had a few months ago!

I quite like how small the microwave is as it gives us that little bit more worktop space when cooking. Our last microwave was a huge old beast so it really makes a difference!

We tested out the microwave for dinner a few hours later as we had Jacket potatoes. Although I had to show the Mr how to work it. It is pretty simple to set up and use (helps to read the instructions like I had! 😂) and it does what it needs to.

Purple Microwave

I love that it is digital & you can set the time and adjust the settings. There are so many settings! I imagine it will take us a while to use even half of them but for a small budget microwave I am pretty damn impressed!


    Ooooh this is lovely!! I'm on the hunt for red items to go with my red themed kitchen....although we wont be decorating for a while so it will just be red appliances until we do!!! x

    thealohamummy | 8 years ago Reply

      Thank you 😀 I absolutely love it! Wilko Colourplay do reds too! Our lilac paint has had to be put off for a week or 2 but I'm hoping its done soon & then we can slowly change the bigger appliances over the next year or so :) Thanks for popping by xx

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    I work next door to a Wilkinsons and stare longingly at their purple range every time I'm in there ! It looks fab and a bargain too xx

    Tracey bowden | 8 years ago Reply

      I'm so in love with it 😀 they have so much purple stuff I could buy in there! If only I had the funds 😪 xx

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    I love purple. My kitchen is purple and grey, and my mum bought me that exact microwave as a wedding present last year 😊

    Hooks and Dragons | 8 years ago Reply

      Awesome! I love that this post has brought out so many purple lovers 😀 I love purple & grey together too 💜

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    I love this! I am thinking about changing up my stuff in the kitchen. Everything is red now and it's just getting to me lol. I already bought purple pots and pans! Great way to push me forward lol thanks for the pretty picture!

    bsharp04 | 8 years ago Reply

      Thank you 😀 Go for it purple is amazing. So many purple pretty things around now too!

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

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