Emoji and Minecraft – Encouraging Kids to Read

Have you seen these awesome new Emoji and Minecraft books available on Amazon yet? They are absolutely brilliant for encouraging kids to read, based on their favourite Minecraft characters & Emojis to tell the story.

I’ve been lucky to review the first in each series written by P.T Evans. I love how well laid out they are. The writing is printed clearly and well spaced which makes it easier for children to follow with their fingers. With familiar Emojis and Minecraft images throughout the books children will love them!

Emoji and Minecraft books

The Minecraft books are aimed at 6 to 10 year old’s and the Emoji books are aimed at 7 to 12 year old’s, however Eva loves both the Emoji & Minecraft books at 6 and wants to get the rest in the series.


Children love Emojis, they find them amusing and fun. This series will encourage any reluctant reader. The writing is well spaced and with fun images as well as a fun storyline too, they will be hooked.


Minecraft is everywhere now and even Eva keeps begging me to buy her Minecraft stuff after playing it at her friends house and watching youtube videos about it. Even I know Stinky Steve! Children who find Minecraft exciting will love these series and they would make a brilliant gift for any reluctant reader!

With 4 books in each of the series these books would make lovely little gift sets for Christmas and birthday to help encourage any reluctant readers to enjoy reading.


To find more books by P.T Evans check out their TwitterYoutubeFacebook and Instagram. You can find the books on Amazon at very reasonable prices.

What do you think? Have your kids read any of the Emoji and Minecraft books yet?

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