Free-From Baking With SweetPea Pantry

We were sent free-from baking kits from Sweetpea Pantry to try! We were sent out the gorgeous super oat & flax Flapjack & Raw cacao, Flax & Teff Brownie kits to try for ourselves. These baking kits are Gluten Free & Dairy Free & no added sugar.

The kits do also include how to make the mixes using eggs & butter too though. These are great mixes to stash in the cupboard for a household with and without allergies or mixed allergies. For just £2.75 each they are a great buy, you can also order 4 boxes of mixes for £9.99 or 6 for £13.99. They also have other mixes available so you can really mix it up!

Free-From Baking Mixes

Sweetpea Pantry Free-From Baking Kits

Flapjack Mix

We tried out the Sweetpea Pantry Flapjack kit first. This fab kit is Gluten free, Dairy Free, Vegan & no added sugar. The recipe recommends using either 100g of coconut oil or 100g of butter & 4 tablespoons of honey or syrup. This will make 12 flapjacks or one big one! 

Free-From Flapjack

This is a nice, quick and easy recipe that only takes 5 minutes to prepare. The girls really enjoyed helping make the flapjack and squishing the mix down into the baking tray. We used golden syrup to make our flapjack.

Free-From Flapjack

We really enjoyed the flapjack when it had cooled and set in the fridge for a while. There was plenty for everyone and it didn’t last long at all!

Brownie Mix

Next, we gave the Brownie kit a try! Who doesn’t love brownies? These Raw Cacao Flax & Teff brownies are simple to make. We used butter & golden syrup and eggs to make ours but for Vegan brownies add coconut oil, golden syrup/ natural syrup and flax ‘eggs’. This makes 12 scrumptious brownie bites. 

Brownie Mix

This mix was quick and easy to make just like the flapjack was and it kept the girls happy mixing it all up. We all got a little impatient when we could smell them baking and looked forward to diving in!

Sweetpea pantry Brownie Mix

The brownies were delicious once cut up and cooled! I’d definitely try these kits again and they would be great for our BBQs with friends who are gluten and dairy free! 

Have you discovered the Free-From baking Mixes from Sweetpea Pantry yet?

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