Gingersnap Lightbox And Pastel Letter Pack Review

I received a fantastic Gingersnap Lightbox to review along with a Pastel letter pack containing 120 letters, numbers & symbols.


I’ve wanted a lightbox for a while but never got round to actually getting one so I jumped at the chance to review this fantastic A4 Black Shell Lightbox by Gingersnap. Cinematic style lightboxes are great for all occasions, birthdays, Christmas, weddings and of course for bloggers they are great for creating post title images.


Gingersnap A4 Lightbox

This illuminated A4 LED Lightbox includes 120 black & red letters, numbers and symbols, and USB cable. It can also be powered by DC adaptor (not included) or 6 1.5v AA batteries (not included). With plenty of power options you can pretty much use the Lightbox anywhere. The self-timer turns itself off after 6 hours. It can be used freestanding and is also wall mountable.

Lightbox Fun

The Gingersnap Lightbox and letter packs are so much fun! There are a range of fun symbols you can use to pretty up your text. Being a Big Bang Theory fan I of course spotted the batman symbol and decided to do Sheldon’s ‘I’m batman’ quote. I love how it looks and it made a few friends giggle too!

I'm Batman

Of course my next thought was one for the adults.. well the Mr mainly haha!

it's beer time

The lightbox is also a fantastic way to congratulate people. How cool and colourful does this look? I love the pastel colour pack, it really brightens up the message. With so many cool symbols in both packs you could have fun for days creating messages.


I think it’s safe to say the Gingersnap lightbox & letter packs are both a great way to display a message and tons of fun! I’ll be using this for a few blog titles and counting down to Christmas with the girls

What do you think?



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