Learning How To Draw Kawaii With The Girls

I’ve been learning how to draw Kawaii with the girls most evenings over the last few weeks. It started with Eva wanting to learn to draw a unicorn. I looked online but struggled to find anything Eva didn’t consider too complicated. Wanting to boost her confidence, I looked around on the Play Store too.

Learning how to draw kawaii with the girls

Learning How to Draw Kawaii – Kawaii App

Having found a cool app – Kawaii Easy Drawing: How to draw step by step, Eva was happy to give drawing a unicorn a go. Eva kept getting stressed at first, so I offered to draw with her.

Eva's Unicorn
Eva’s first attempt at drawing a unicorn



Seeing that I make mistakes too and showing her accepting that it won’t always turn out perfect really boosted Eva’s confidence in drawing. Now she accepts small mistakes and does her own thing too.

Learning how to draw kawaii
My first 2 attempts at drawing a unicorn

Since then, Izzy, of course, has to join in too although demands help for every step haha! Sometimes she will let me do an awful attempt and fill it in with scribbles whilst we wait for Eva to finish.

Izzy's unicorn and mermaid
A joint effort from Izzy & I!


A New Routine

Drawing most evenings has become a new routine lately. It seems to calm the girls down before bed and we usually manage 3-5 drawings each time. The girls want to learn to draw everything on this app then look for a new one. These simple, cute kawaii drawings are really keeping the girls entertained. From Unicorns, Mermaids, Emojis and superheroes, we’ve spent quite a lot of time together at the table drawing.

Eva's Emoji
Eva’s Emoji

Eva’s confidence rising is nice to see as she is very much like me and beats herself up over small mistakes. Showing her that I make mistakes too but we can correct them or use them to our advantage is probably good for both of us. Seeing Eva proudly present her finished drawing at the end of each one makes my day!

Superhero girl
Eva’s superhero!

I’ll be hunting for my websites & apps like this with simple instructions to help the girls (and me!) continue learning to draw. I love that it gives us something to sit and do together and it’s lovely chatting away as we do. Eva is now laughing at big mistakes instead of getting upset and happy to start again.

Burnished Chaos


    Love this and I get frustrated with drawing too so this might help me! #FamilyFunLinky x

    Bella at Dear Mummy Blog recently posted...My Wild Night Out Camping! #WildNightOut2018My Profile

    Bella at Dear Mummy Blog | 6 years ago Reply

    These are great. My son has recently got into drawing too and has started watching Art For Kids Hub on youtube, they have some great pictures that they walk you through how to draw and I've had a go with him too. He also gets really stressed at the start every time he makes a mistake, but once he has persevered he really gets into his stride and has created some amazing drawings. Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x Alana - Burnished Chaos recently posted...#funseekingkids Round-Up – July 2018My Profile

    Alana - Burnished Chaos | 6 years ago Reply

      I'll have to show Eva Art for Kids Hub, it's really nice to see the confidence grow and the joy when they finish a piece they are really proud of! x

      RelentlesslyPurple | 6 years ago Reply

    I love the drawings Eva made!

    Radiya Eleanor Trusty | 3 years ago Reply

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