New Angry Birds Toys Review

We were sent new Angry Birds toys from Jazwares to play with this week after the release of the Angry Birds 2 movie!

New Angry Birds Toys from Jazwares

New Angry Birds Toys

The new Angry Birds toy line includes Splat Balls, Catablind collectable figures, plushes, a figure pack, a game pack, and a Pic City build N’ Launch playset.

Angry Birds Feature Plush

Angry Birds Feature Plush - Red

We received a lovely Angry Birds Feature Plush (Red) which is made with soft Velboa fabric and polyester fill. Press Red’s wing to hear five different angry grunting sounds! Each plush is made with authentic details, Red’s include his bushy eyebrows and fun hair. This 9inch plush toy is a great gift for fans of all ages.

Angry Birds Splat Balls

Angry Birds Splat Ball - Red

Angry Birds Splat Balls are available in Red, the angriest bird; Bomg, the most explosive bird; Chuck, the speediest bird, and Piggy, the most mischievous of them all! These fun, interactive birds are made with colourful, game-authentic details. Suitable for ages 6 and up, these come with a card to scan for an exclusive game on the Angry Birds App. We recommend trimming your nails when using these as we accidentally split ours!

Angry Birds Mission Pack

Angry Birds Mission Pack

With Red, Bomb, Chuck, Blue Bird, and King Leonard you can relive your favourite Angry Birds triumphs. Pressing their buttons will get them all riled up. These fun and interactive birds are made with colourful, game-authentic details and high-quality material. These 3inch figures are a great gift for fans aged 6 and up. These also come with a card to scan for an exclusive game on the Angry Birds app.

We think these toys are really cool and Eva loves angry birds! You can find this range of toys at Smyths, Argos, Entertainer, Amazon, Gamestop, Tesco and all good retailers.

Do you love Angry Birds too? Which of these new toys do you like best?

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