Peppa Pig’s Adventure! Live At The Orchard Theatre

Izzy and I went to see Peppa Pig’s Adventure! Live at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford. Izzy loves Peppa & George and was thrilled to be told she would be seeing Peppa live. Tickets Prices vary, Pre-show dining can also be booked in advance.

Peppa Pig's Adventure

As we arrived at the Orchard Theatre Izzy saw the poster for Peppa Pig’s Adventure and got even more excited! We headed inside to collect our tickets and free Peppa Pig Stickers and a display of Peppa Pig goodies caught her eye. We came away with a George light up windmill (£8.50) and the Peppa Pig’s Adventure! Souvenir Brochure (£5).


We’re at @theorchardtheatre ready to watch #peppapiglive and Izzy is so excited!

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Once we had collected our tickets & got our goodies we decided to go get a picture of Izzy by the sign so she could send it to her daddy and sister. Of course they had to be shared on IG too! We picked up some popcorn & drinks for the show and headed off to find our seat.


When Peppa Pig’s Adventure started Izzy was over the moon to see her favourite characters on stage. She spent most of the time giggling away at Peppa and her friends. She liked Peppa’s new friend Daisy and their funny game of hide and seek.

Peppa Pig's adventure Live

The show was an hour & 15 minutes with a break in between. Izzy got a little distracted with her George windmill at points throughout the show but she still joined in singing a few times. She loved the puddle jumping song, especially getting soaked when Peppa & her friends jumped in muddy puddles! Overall Izzy loved the show and I would definitely take her to shows like this in the future.

Any Peppa Pig fans are bound to love Peppa Pig’s Adventure Live with it’s singing, dancing, joking and familiar characters and a new friend too!

Do you think your little one would love Peppa Pig’s Adventure Live at the Orchard Theatre?


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    My Doll and Poni are both too young to be "into" shows yet (plus we don't have TV) but I'm well-aware of how big of a deal it is for a young one to see their favourite characters in "real life." #familyfunlinky

    Jaclyn Bree | 7 years ago Reply

    I am so jealous!! My mum showed me an advert for the Dartford showing last week and I totally forgot amongst all the other mum things! I so wanted to take my little one there, but now will have to wait for when they come back around again. Thanks for sharing your experience. #FamilyFunLinky

    Nita | 7 years ago Reply

    Ah amazing I would love to take my two to this. I think they would love it. An hour and 15 isn’t too long either. I’m not sure they’d sit through the whole thing though but if they’re going to sit through anything it’ll be Peppa pig! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    Tammymum | 7 years ago Reply

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