PJ Masks Magazine – Powerful Fun For Little Heroes

Izzy loves PJ Masks. Catboy is her favourite as she loves cats herself. She was delighted when I showed her a copy of the new PJ Masks magazine we were sent! PJ Masks is a new monthly magazine for pre-school children available from most supermarkets & newsagents. Each issue comes packed with free gifts, stickers and fun activities.

PJ Masks Magazine

Powerful fun for little heroes

Once we had played with the toys on the front cover (always the first thing to be done!) we sat down at the table to have a look through the magazine. Magazines like this are fantastic for encouraging pre-schoolers to improve on a wide range of skills by sticking, colouring, gluing, counting and more! The PJ Masks magazine is jam packed full of activities to keep any PJ Masks fan busy.

PJ Masks car craft


The first page has a fun Cat-Car craft to cut out and make. We love being able to make fun crafts like this and with easy to follow instructions like these they are fun for any pre-schooler. Crafts like this are fantastic for fine motor skills as well as being lots of fun.

PJ masks


Izzy loves stickers as most pre-schoolers do so this sticker page instantly drew her in! We love sticker pages, they are a great way to improve fine-motor skills in pre-schoolers. The stickers in this PJ mask magazine were really easy for Izzy to peel off herself. Placing all the characters starting with her favourite, Catboy, she quickly finished off her PJ Masks scene.

PJ Masks Sitckers


There are several colouring pages throughout the PJ Masks magazine. Colouring favourite characters is always exciting for pre-schoolers and improves their fine motor skills and knowledge of colours. As you can see, Izzy got distracted by the story before she could finish colouring cat boy.

Catboy Colouring Page


Magazines are great at encourage reading from a young age, especially when their favourite characters are involved. The PJ Masks Story was a great easy to read story which of course involved sticking a sticker. Whilst I read the story to her, Izzy knowing all the characters was able to ‘read’ the bottom half of this page to me which she really enjoyed!

PJ Masks Story


After reading the a PJ Masks story we moved on to Puzzle time. Izzy really enjoys activities like this they are both fun and simple, allowing her to work on her pencil control as she circles, ticks and matches items up.


The PJ Masks magazine has a fantastic 3D game. With easy to cut out pieces your little one can help PJ Masks catch up with Romeo! Complete with a cut-out HQ, Arch. Bridge and Cat-car as well as characters and a number spinner to help play the game. This game is great for pre-schoolers learning to count from 1 to 20!




No magazine is complete without a poster to pull out and put on the wall. PJ Mask fans will absolutely love this pull out of the team!

It's time to be a hero


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