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Shoreditch one

I have a confession.. I am a smoker. I have been smoking regularly from the age of 14 unfortunately and although I tried to quit several times in the past especially when pregnant with both girl’s, I couldn’t cope and my BP went through the roof. It’s something I hope to quit eventually which is why I jumped on the chance to review A Shoreditch Vape! (E-cigarette)

Why vape? Well it’s a lot cheaper than cigarettes for starters! Plus the UK government/NHS say it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes too.


I’ve heard a mix of review’s on various designs but hadn’t heard of the Shoreditch Vape before so I was quite interested in finding out more about it. I got in touch with Christian who kindly offered for me to review one of their vapes & was given several options Including which of the 2 vape’s I would like, 3 flavoured E-liquids & the nicotine strength of the E-liquids.

Which Vape?

I was given the choice between a Shoreditch ONE & a Shoreditch TWO. Of course being a regular smoker it made sense for me to go for the Shoreditch ONE as it has a larger tank capacity and longer lasting battery meaning you can have 300 puffs instead of 200 which the Shoreditch TWO offers with it’s lovely slimline design.

Which 3 E-liquids & Strength?

Vape Shoreditch offers 21 flavoured E-liquids & I have to say I had quite a giggle reading the descriptions for each oil which is what made me go ahead with this review, I love a company that has a sense of humour! There is such a variety of flavour’s it took me a while to finally decide on my selection. Eventually I went for the traditional tobacco, Banana cream and Parma violet (duh! had to have a purple based selection in there somewhere & who doesn’t love parm violets!?) and decided out of the 9mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strength to go for the 12mg.

My box was posted Monday and as promised arrived the very next day! I was pleased the box was able to go through the letterbox so if I hadn’t been home I wouldn’t have had to go chasing up the post office. Although my 3 bottle’s of E-liquid were sealed there did seem to have been some kind of oil spillage in my box which bugged my photo-taking side no end. Admittedly nothing was ruined though and the Vape itself was sealed nicely in it’s own box. All in all I was quite pleased with my little parcel and could’nt wait to have a play!


The Vape happened to arrive just as we were running out of cigarettes so I quickly filled the vape up and put it all together & popped it on charge. I went or the traditional tobacco to begin with to get a feel for the vape itself.

After a short wait the vape was ready to go and I turned it on by pressing the button 5 times quickly then holding the button for each puff. I love the LCD  display showing you the battery life and how many puffs you have had.



The taste was a lot cleaner than a normal cigarette but a bit odd to begin with but I kept going back for the odd puff when I fancied smoking but not a whole cigarette or even half (The Mr and I mostly share to save money). I’m really keen to try the parma violet next followed by the banana cream but I plan to use up the 1ml of Traditional tobacco first.

I’m interested to see if picking up the vape becomes more of a habit than smoking although I am not actively looking to give up right now perhaps having the option of the vape will at least help me cut down? I guess we will see!

Have you tried a vape before? Did you give up on cigarettes? What brand etc did you go for and how have you got on with it? I’d love to have a few reviews thrown my way 🙂

If you vape or would like to then use code GETVAPING99 for 3 bottles of e-liquid for 99p!!

**Please note I received this box and it’s contents in exchange for writing this blog post. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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