Snow Day Fun 2018

The girls enjoyed some Snow day fun yesterday as did many other children around the UK. This was Eva’s first school snow day and when I told her school was cancelled we all cheered! Izzy had never actually touched snow until we got downstairs. She was so surprised it was soft to touch and loved how it felt, collecting handfuls of snow as we walked.

Snow Day

Collecting Snow

The girls quickly got into the spirit of things grabbing snow to ball up and throw and each other. Eva was a little younger than Izzy last time it really snowed so she doesn’t really remember it well. She really enjoyed the chance to play yesterday having sulked at the lack of snow the night before.

Snow Day Fun

You can see in this picture just how excited and happy the girls were to finally experience their first snow day. With enough snow to cover our feet, we decided to wander down to the river and enjoy crunching through the snow some more. Of course, not before the girls had practised making snowballs first!

Snow ball!

We took a walk along the sea wall, taking in the fresh early morning air as it was only just 9am when we ventured out. The girls played along the way, exploring over the steps to see the old lightship and back again. On the way back the girls decided they wanted to pose as statues… Not very good statues mind!

Snow StatuesIzzy was a little more concerned she couldn’t shake off all the snow on her glove to be fair! I’m not too sure what Eva’s ‘statue’ is supposed to be though! We headed back to play closer to home and eventually went inside to warm up.

All in all we had a lovely Snow day, did you?

Burnished Chaos


    Lovely pictures looks like thye enjoyed their snow day!

    Rachael Stray | 6 years ago Reply

    Snow days are fantastic when you are a child and don't have to worry about driving to work in the icy conditions #family fun@_karendennis Karen, the next best thing to mummy recently posted...Easyread time teacher reviewMy Profile

    Karen, the next best thing to mummy | 6 years ago Reply

    aw wow they look like had an amazing time in the snow, who doesn't love a snow ball fight?! X #familyfunlinky

    mummy here and there | 6 years ago Reply

    We love reading about other people’s snow days and it’s facinating to see the different amounts that fell up and down the country! We shared our snow day too x Love photos and the kids looked like they had fun x #familyfunlinky x

    Bella at Dear Mummy Blog | 6 years ago Reply

    Ah what fun. It’s great when the kids really get to enjoy a snow day. Mine are a little young to really enjoy it but they still had fun. It’s also a great way to burn some energy and get some good fresh air! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun Tammymum recently posted...Cyprus; Going back to where it all beganMy Profile

    Tammymum | 6 years ago Reply

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