Strange words from the 5 Year Olds mouth

Kids always come out with weird stuff dont they? Or is that just my daughter? Over the last few months she has been coming out with some rather odd stuff..

Admittedly having the parents she has its hardly surprising as we aren’t exactly ‘normal’ but even I’m a little shocked by the following things she has come out with recently…

  • Can I get a my little pony? Then cut its eyes out and chop its hair off, pull out the stuffing and colour it in and make a zombie pony?
  • Mum can I have some dead squirrels? So I can draw with them and make things out of them?
  • I’m going to buy vanish gold for my birthday. So I can throw it in your face and video it and put it on youtube. That would be so funny!
  • (Latest one! April) Mummy so & so has a willy, he told me! Daddy doesn’t though…


    Hahaha! Absolutely loved this and it's so great to hear that I wasn't the only 1 thinking this about my children too. We have some very weird convos. Especially with my almost 5 yr old boy on the way to school. 😂😂 Great blog XoX

    LisaG | 8 years ago Reply

      Haha! Thank you! The imagination of a 5yo is amazing 😂 weird convo's are always great haha xx

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    Hahahaha that sounds standard if I'm honest but I can just imagine your face when she says it! Vanish gold for her birthday eh... Aim high! #chucklemums

    Fran @ Whinge Whinge Wine | 8 years ago Reply

    They are little weirdo's!!! Thanks for linking with #chucklemums

    mumzilla | 8 years ago Reply

    Ok yes your post is two years old , but that's too funny ! And now wondering if she has had new ideas about things , two years later or made new ones ! Imagination in kids is so never ending and you wonder if we as parents were like that when we were 5 🤔 Probably! Great blog , thanks for the great read and humor !

    Kerry Dickerson | 7 years ago Reply

      Haha! I hear even stranger things these days from both girls! Kids are hilarious. Thank you :)

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

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