Survey Sites That Pay 2017

Here’s an updated list of Survey sites that pay.

I have been using survey sites for years to help us out with birthday’s and Christmas presents and my last post about it Survey Sites, Do They Really Pay? went down really well so I thought it was time to do an update! I’ve been a bit lazy with the surveys this year but I’m still keeping up with the best ones so check these out for a little extra. Surveys are a great way of sharing your thoughts on a range of topics & products.

My top 10 for 2017

  1. Valued Opinions – It’s the survey site that got me hooked. It’s easy to earn a £10 voucher at least 4/5 times a year. With a range of vouchers including Amazon  and Argos this site has helped me through plenty of gift buying! I didn’t mention this site last time as it had been quiet for a while but I get at least one email a day again now!
  2. I-Say – This site regularly has surveys and if kept on top of you can easily earn the 690 (£5 amazon) or 1380 points (£10) every 2-3months. This site pays out via vouchers such as Compliments, Amazon, John Lewis & recently added £10 Virtual Prepaid MasterCard for 1200 points! Amazon vouchers are received via email & paper vouchers are posted out. This site gives from 5-25 points even if you don’t qualify for a survey. Takes up-to 4 weeks to receive vouchers.
  3. SurveyBods – I only discovered this one in the last year and it pays out at 1500 points/£15. You can either redeem your points for an Amazon voucher or the money can be paid straight into your bank account. Amazon voucher’s can take up to 5 days to be emailed to you. Bank payments generally take between 2-3 weeks.
  4. YourSayPays – Another good site to check daily! This site is the simplest one out of them all. You are paid anywhere from 5p per survey and can redeem once you reach £20 via PayPal or Amazon vouchers. I rarely receive emails from this site but log when I remember and usually have at least 1/2 surveys a day to fill out. I average a £20 pay out every 6 months. Up to 30 days to receive pay outs.
  5. Mintvine – This site can build up pretty quick if you check the site regularly across the day. You can also earn 5 points per day on the daily poll. You can easily cash out $10/1000 points via PayPal every 2-3 months.[ They also offer a range of e-vouchers for places like Amazon, Debenhams, House of Fraser & more! It takes 3-5 business days to receive your payment.
  6. YouGov – This site is always sending out emails, I currently earn the £50 about once a year. If you were to check regularly you could probably get 2 pay outs a year. They pay out straight into your bank account. 50,000 points are needed and you can earn from 25 points upwards per survey.
  7. OnePoll – Another high pay out threshold but with so many surveys it’s easy enough to earn £40 every 4/5 months. Payment is made via BACS into your bank account. This takes 28 days to process but worth the wait! Earn from 10p upwards per survey.
  8. Swagbucks – I’ve been using Swagbucks since about 2012 but stopped for a while as it was quite quiet. It does seem to have picked up pace and become a favourite again and I’ve started popping by to earn a few SB here and there. With so many ways to earn and pay out options it’s a great site to earn from regularly! You can get a £5 PayPal payment for just 800SB!
  9. Maximiles – This site is similar to Swagbucks paying out in thousands of ways with products and  gift cards. I just ordered myself a Bitmore Juucee Portable Battery Backup Charger for 2,100 points! Products arrive via post within 10 working days. Minimum redemption level is 2000 points which is so easy to collect. I earned my points for the portable charger just through clicking the emails in 2/3 months.
  10. GlobalTestMarket – This site always has surveys available I still get through on very few yet still manage to get a pay-out once every 3-4 months. This site is great however the minimum requirement to redeem your points is 1000. This site pays out in a huge variety of ways including PayPal, Amazon, Nectar, ITunes, Boots, and more! I tend to go for PayPal (544 points x 2 to redeem = £30!). Physical merchandise and paper vouchers will generally be delivered to winners’ doors within 4-6 weeks from order date, unless otherwise specified in the Rewards Zone. Truck-shipped and speciality items are generally delivered within 6-8 weeks from order date, unless otherwise specified in the Rewards Zone.


Do you use survey sites already? Do you know of any others that pay out regularly too? Remember Answering questions honestly and to the best of your ability enables you to access more surveys more regularly.


    OpinionWorld is awesome and pays out in vouchers from 250 points & even cash to a PayPal account at 1000 points. Pine cone is another good one - £3 per survey and lots of potential product trials and reviews, with the added bonus of never getting rejected part way through x

    Leanne B | 7 years ago Reply

      I do use both of those but find Opinion world has slowed down a lot this year. Pine cone again is a good one but invite only if I remember correctly? I've not had a survey from them in quite a while! Opinionoutpost is opinionworlds sister site, not sure if your on both but between them I cash out at least £2.50 a month :) They can be pretty helpful at times :) are you signed up to many in my list? x

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

        I-Say, OpinionWorld & Pinecone are my favourites. I am on Valued Opinions but get rejected half way through a lot of the time which drives me nuts! Mobrog & New Parent panel are a couple more that I use. X

        Leanne B | 7 years ago Reply

          Oh I haven't heard of those last two! I have such a a huge list my other inbox gets a bit insane 🙈 I hate being screened out near the end! So frustrating x

          RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

    This is brilliant. I know they pay but never known where to go so this is great!

    Martyn Kitney | 7 years ago Reply

      Its always helpful to have a list of 10 that build up quickly & regularly!

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

    Hi there. Hope you're well. I love this list, so far I've started with yougov! I got 850 points now. But I'll definitely look into some of the others, can you actually connect with other people on YouGov?

    Markus | 7 years ago Reply

    Must send this to my mum.. She probably does some of them but I bet she doesn't know them all. Thanks

    Berni | 6 years ago Reply

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