Hellman’s American Smokey Barbecue Sauce

This week we recieved a bottle of Hellman’s American Smokey Barbecue sauce to try from Bzzagent!

We love Barbecue sauces so couldn’t wait to give it a go, the girl’s decided they had to try it first with their dinner & gave it a thumbs up instantly with both girls demolishing all of their dinner and Izzy attempting to lick all the sauce off her plate haha!

We love Barbecue sauces so couldn't wait to give it a go

I gave it a quick taste when the girls had dinner and was surprised there wasn’t a really strong tangy after taste. I find a lot of barbecue sauces I have to have small amounts of due to being quite tangy so it made a lovely change having such a lovely smooth flavour. We ended up making new york style chips (bacon, cheese & bbq sauce) for our own dinner and it was lovely.

I can definitely see us buying more of this sauce in the future!