The Craft Beer Shop AKA Ales By Mail

Visiting The Craft Beer Shop AKA Ales By Mail in Billericay last week was a complete spur of the moment thing. After spending the morning feeling awful and nervous about my assessment I decided afterwards I needed to do something different. The Mr loves his craft beer but local taprooms/shops weren’t open as it was only 11 am. I knew if I went home I wouldn’t go back out and I wanted to find some beers to take home. We came across The Craft Beer Shop through a google search.

The Craft Beer Shop

Being open from 9 am instead of 12 pm made diverting make sense. It took less time to divert there than it would have done to wait around for closer ones to open. I knew I recognised the name when we searched for them and then realised I already followed them on twitter last year too. I was a little bit hyper after a morning of nervousness so got slightly carried away & loved finding a beer with my name on it!

The Craft Beer Shop

The guy working in The Craft Beer shop was really friendly and answered all our questions. Even when I didn’t make sense he didn’t make me feel overly anxious and helped us out. Our friend who drove me there managed to find himself a few nice beers with some help. I started to put together a selection of different craft beer’s for the Mr too. Minus 1 bottle our friend took home to drink this is the selection we left with.

Selection Of Craft Beers

Craft Beer Selection From Ales By Mail

I love the different artwork across the cans and may have let that lead my decisions slightly. Ok, a lot. I really like the look of most of the artwork across this selection though. I may have accidentally picked some rather strong ones!


Dr. Raptor

I’ll send the Mr next time as I think he would find some really cool craft beers here.  Out of the whole selection the Mr really enjoyed the Loka Polly – Chinook Simcoe India Pale Ale, Cloudwater – DDH Pale Citra Eldorado, BBN 55/06 – Double IPA & the Weird Beard God Of The Cold White Silence.



Everyone knows I love a bargain and I did pick up a few. The Magic Rock – Panther Ale is just £2, The Loka Polly – Chinook Simcoe India Pale Ale is £2.95 (yep, for that big can!) and the Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana is £2.10.

Loka Polly - Chinook Simcoe India Pale Ale

Head over to Ales By Mail to find some other fab bargains online if you aren’t in Essex. They also own the Imperial Beer Club a craft beer subscription for trying new and exciting craft beers. I’m tempted to sign up when finances are a bit better as they deals and selections look great.

BB No 55 06

Helping me calm down and returning with a well-deserved drink for the Mr, I was pleased to have popped in. Visiting The Craft Beer Shop is a great experience. It was cool to see such a range of breweries and styles. We will definitely be returning soon and I will be sneaking in an order online in time for the Mr’s birthday in June too!

Cloudwater - DDH Pale Citra El Dorado

Have you heard of The Craft Beer Shop AKA Ales By Mail? Have you tried any of these beers?