Dreamworks Trolls Truck Tour Lakeside

We were told the DreamWorks Trolls Truck Tour would be at Tesco Lakeside on Wednesday, so we decided to go take a look. It sounded like a fantastic crafty day, something we always enjoy joining in with. The weather was a bit miserable but we decided to head out anyway. We arrived and was invited in by a member of staff.

Trolls Truck Tour Lakeside

Trolls Truck Tour Lakeside

Cupcake Decorating Station 

Cupcake decorating station

The girls were encouraged to decorate cupcakes as we entered. The cupcake decorating station was really cool I have to admit. The girls spend some time smothering their brightly iced cupcakes in all sorts of sugary decorations. 

Cake decorating

Colouring Table

Over at the Craft table there wasn’t much going on but the girls were offered colouring pages which they sat with for a while. Eva had hoped for some fun Poppy based crafts so I’ve promised her we will come up with some our self at home. I think that may be because she enjoyed the crafts at The Little Tiger Party, where there was a craft planned for each book. Izzy got bored quite quickly and I had to stop her escaping out the doors.


TV/Music Corner

I loved the colourful beanbags set out for the children to watch Trolls videos but neither of my girls spent much time over there. Izzy did play around with the cool Troll Pillows but didn’t sit and watch anything. I love the purple beanbag!

TV corner

Soft Corner

Another corner was full of soft play squares and cuddly Troll toys. Izzy had fun rearranging them until I stopped her from spreading them everywhere. There was a great range of Trolls products dotted around the whole truck.

Soft Corner

Salon Corner

The highlight of the experience was definitely the Salon area. The lovely ladies were really welcoming and chatty. Whilst Izzy refused to have a tattoo or her hair sprayed, Eva chose a poppy tattoo. A friend and her daughter had joined us too and her daughter’s hair was amazingly pink & sparkly afterwards!

Poppy Tattoo


We did enjoy our time at the Truck Trolls Tour. The Truck itself was absolutely amazing and laid out really well. Eva and I had hoped for more troll based arts & crafts and characters to pose for photo’s with.  Had we been out shopping and stopped by I would have been quite pleased to find such a fun free event. I took the girls to buy crafts afterwards as they had hoped for more. The truck is fantastic fun for Trolls fans if you have 20 minutes to spare.

Did the Trolls Truck Tour stop near you? What did you think?