10 Ways To Keep Kids Busy Indoors Without A Screen

I’ve put together a list of 10 ways to keep kids busy indoors without a screen. We don’t have a garden which limits what the girls can do if we stay at home. I try to keep screen time down, whilst they do have tablets I try to encourage the girls to play as much as possible. The girls are often looking for suggestions or asking for our help to set up some of their favourites from below, check out our list if you’ve run out of ideas.

10 Ways To Keep Kids Busy Indoors Without A Screen

1. Indoor tents

These can be made with sheets & blankets using pegs or bulldog clips to keep them together. Use the backs of dining chairs to create little dens and let the kids run with their imaginations. The girls have had castles, caves, houses & shops depending on what they decide to play each time. Use pillows & blankets inside to create ‘furniture’ & ‘walls’.


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2. Origami

We’ve been learning origami and not only does it keep us busy making they can make fabulous gifts such as bookmarks. Bookmarks are our favourite as they are so simple to make and can be decorated in so many ways.

10 ways to keep kids busy indoors without a screen - Origami

3. Washing up

Kids love playing with water! Whether it’s a plastic tea set or like Izzy some stones the kids have collected they will love washing them up. Set them up on the kitchen/bathroom (anywhere that can be mopped!) floor with a small wash bowl on a towel. Guaranteed they will be busy for hours!

stone washing

4. Colouring/drawing

We always have a ton of paper/card & colouring books around for the girls for colouring & drawing. They love colouring with sparkly gel pens, they keep them busy & quiet!


5. Tea parties/Indoor Picnic

My girls love setting up on the floor with a blanket & their tea sets for a tea party! Izzy especially loves using her Lucy Locket Wooden Tea-set. Both girls love to dress up and have princess tea parties, pirate picnics & more. As a treat sometimes we let the girls have a real picnic whilst they play too.

Glittery cake

6. Simple Crafts

Whether you have craft supplies or not there’s always something to be made! Toilet roll tubes are always handy they can be used as telescopes which can be coloured & decorated, Maybe a fancy toilet roll tube pencil pot? Perhaps simple picture to pop on the wall?Pound shops are fantastic for stocking up on foam shapes, card, glue etc!


Always a craft day here 👌😍 💜

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7. Baking

Cakes, cookies & biscuites are all quick & easy to make. Kiids of all ages can join in pouring & mixing. They are fun to decorate and of course delicious too! If you’re feeling a little adventurous why not try out or Italian Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe?

Italian chocolate chip bread

8. Building 

Whether it’s Lego, Mega bloks, Duplo, wooden blocks or even lolly pop sticks! Building is so much fun and allows kids to get creative! Build castles, houses, cars, planes, people, towers it all keeps them busy & helps with fine motor skills.


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9. Reading

There are always plenty of reading materials around, finding a series of books or magazines or comic can be a fantastic way to encourage children to read. Even young children will enjoy sitting with their favourite books. Izzy loves to ‘read’ books she knows well to me using the pictures.

10.Write/Draw Your Own Story 

Writing can be fun! Secret diaries are fantastic for encouraging older children to write. A fun activity for all ages is to create your own story, it could be a picture story, a comic strip, or simply writing. Covers can be made & decorated for their stories & split pins or staples mean they can keep their book together!