Improving Children’s Handwriting Is Still Important

Improving children’s handwriting is still important and something I try to encourage the girls with at home. Handwriting improves concentration and fine motor skills, important for learning other skills. Reading and writing are 2 of the most important aspects of children’s education.

Improving Children's Handwriting

According to the Institute of Education, the quality of handwriting education in primary schools can have a direct impact on success into secondary and higher education. Furthermore, the National Literacy Trust suggests that as many as 25% of UK adults are classed as ‘functionally illiterate’ with many struggling to write a birthday card or a cheque.

Uni-ball are helping to spread awareness of Children’s handwriting and the importance of handwriting in education. They have put together some great resources for parents including these 5 top tips to improve your child’s handwriting.

Improving Children’s Handwriting

Improving Children's Handwriting

Eva struggled a little bit with her pencil control when she started school so we helped find a way to improve her fine motor skills. We used some fantastic pencil grips that made it easier for her and encouraged her to play with play dough, squeezing it to strengthen the muscles in her hands. Uni-ball have some other exercises for stronger hands too.

Uni-ball Exercises for stronger hands


Recently we have been improving Eva’s handwriting at home with some handy handwriting work sheets from Uni-Ball. They have created some fantastic printable handwriting sheets to help encourage handwriting at home and school.


Uni-ball have printable worksheets and tips for parents:


Improving Children's Handwriting

The handwriting sheets are great for helping children with their handwriting skills from helping with their stability and dexterity. Both girls have been using these printable worksheets for improving children’s handwriting, Izzy recognises most letters and loves practising. Eva is really pleased with herself for improving her handwriting further with these fantastic worksheets. She rushes usually when she write but using these sheets have made her slow down and take care with her handwriting again which is lovely to see.

Improving Children's Handwriting with Uni-Ball

Do you think handwriting is still important too? Do you have any handwriting tips?