RFIDSecur Wallet Launching On Kickstarter

RFIDSecur Wallet is launching on Kickstarter. Using blocking technology that protects bank and ID cards from wireless attacks this is a revolutionary idea.

Steel Grey RFIDSecur Wallet

RFID Cloaked Ltd

You may remember me talking about the RFIDSecur Card launch 2 years ago. After a huge success, smashing their crowdfunding target, they have developed the innovative new RFIDsecur Wallet with Active Alert.

Crimson RFIDSecur Wallet

RFIDsecur Wallet

The RFIDsecur Wallet has two slide-out trays and a sleek, minimalist design. This allows for simple one-handed use for both right and left-handers. The Active Alert feature lights up when a contactless card reader is detected, warning you of thieves trying to steal your card data. Cleverly there are no batteries needed for this innovative Wallet.

Innovative Design

Made with a metalised ABS and polycarbonate frame has a beautifully functional design (Did I mention it will be available in PURPLE!?). They have 5 colours that will be available. Simply slide out your card to make a payment and it will automatically retract. The car stays secure in your wallet the whole time.

RFIDSecur Wallet

The RFIDsecur™ Wallet with Active Alert is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Julian Ghail and Reuben Millard who co-founded RFID Cloaked with the goal of improving personal financial and data security.

Jade Green RFIDSecur

Kickstarter Launch

The RFIDsecur Wallet with Active Alert is launching on Kickstarter today. Earlybird pledges will start from £39 for the standard wallet or £49 for the wallet with in-built theft detection. They are aiming to raise £15,000 ($19,000 USD). This will cover tooling and production costs.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Thursday 20th December 18:00 UTC. If you’d like to get your very own RFIDsecur™ Wallet with Active Alert then back their Kickstarter campaign, by visiting it here: https://rebrand.ly/RFIDCloaked-KickstarterCampaign.

I can’t wait for this to launch as I love the RFID card and know this will be just as great. I have had the RFID Card in my purse for the last 2 years and felt safe from contactless card fraud.