Library And Lunch Dates With The Girls

Saturday’s are Library and lunch dates with the girls. We go to the library most weekends and occasionally we would stop somewhere for lunch after.

Library and lunch dates

Library and Lunch Routine

It has become a routine for us to leave the Mr to hoover the flat and bring him home something nice for lunch. We drop back our borrowed books and browse the children’s section of the library for a while. Once the girls have chosen a billion (slight exaggeration!) books and loaded them into the trolley we go for lunch.

Eva’s recent Book Finds

Library Haul

Eva is discovering more authors like Terry Pratchett and Adam Blade who wrote the Beast Quest and Sea Quest series she is fond of.

Eva's library haul

It’s lovely to see her discovering new authors and series. I had thought she would be re-reading all the Harry Potter books for life at one point! 

Izzy’s Recent Book Finds

Izzy's library haul

Izzy loves a good storybook, Titchy Witch is a favourite but she loves classics too! She likes picking out books at random which can be fun too.

History books

She is really big on facts and history right now. It’s actually quite lovely, her favourite topics are Ancient Egypt, the Romans and the Kings & Queens of Britain. Every night we sit together and read one of these fact books with Eva helping me read. She also loves a Julia Donaldson story! Cave Baby is her most recent favourite book.

Thameside Coffee Shop

The girls decided one weekend they wanted to eat at the Thameside Coffee shop as it is in the same building. Because of my Anxiety, I’ve been tempted so many times to stop for a hot chocolate but walked away. With the girls with me, we finally gave it a try and now it’s our favourite place!

Izzy eating

The coffee shop serves a range of food and drinks and some great meal deals. After our first visit, the girls decided we had to go EVERY weekend. Of course, I’ve mostly given in! It’s a lovely atmosphere, a family run place where the staff already recognise us.

The Best Hot Chocolate and Brownie

I love that the girls can order and pay without a fuss and are getting to know the staff. And most importantly, they make THE BEST Hot Chocolate and Brownies! Their cheese and ham paninis are tasty too and I feel relaxed enough to eat there. It makes our Saturdays even more enjoyable and we love our library and lunch dates.

An Afternoon Of Reading

Once we have grabbed any shopping we need in town, we head home to get reading! This afternoon we have been reading about Lost & Found Tombs around the world. It’s fascinating learning about different types of tombs and burial rituals. I really enjoy our reading sessions (when Izzy isn’t interrupting haha!) and hearing Eva’s confidence grow when reading aloud.

Lost and found Tombs

Our Library and Lunch dates are a great way to end the week. The girls love to read in bed at the weekends so it’s great to stock up on books. Stopping for lunch we chat and get a chance to catch up after the school week and be a bit silly. I’m quite enjoying our new routine and it’s helped me pace myself across the week knowing I need to be up to the walk. With the weather getting colder it’s nice we can go out at the weekend and stay in the warm too! 

Do you have a weekend routine?