The Three Hares – The Jade Dragon Ball – Reviewed By Friends

We received copies of The Three Hares – The Jade Dragon Ball by Scott Lauder & David Ross to share with Eva’s Friends. Having really enjoyed reviewing the book herself, Eva thought her friends may enjoy it too and wanted to know their thoughts.

The Three Hares - The Jade Dragon Ball

Matthew’s Review

Matthew couldn’t wait to get started and was already on chapter two by the end of the school day. He even told his mum he would be reading instead of playing his playstation that night!

I Loved the book and it’s use of figurative language and similes. My Favourite character is Shan Wu and Shan Two since they are funny!


Celina loves reading books and we often bump into her in our local library. We knew she would love the book as much as Eva and she really did. She kindly shared a review with her own friends on social media and has allowed me to share the photo she too and some of what she has written.

Celina’s Review

Celina's Photo of The Three Hares

I have been reading a book called The Three Hares – The Jade Dragon Ball. It is about a girl who experiences weird visions. Her first vision is that Sara had been in a cave with a dragon on the wall. Sarah has no enemies. Sara and the students were going on a trip to the Beijing Palace Museum and Sarah was excited to visit the Beijing Palace Museum.


Kara’s Review

Kara is one of Eva’s best friends and they love to share their favourite stories and games with each other. Eva thought Kara would enjoy the book just as much as her and it seems she did!

I really love the story line, it is fun. I can’t wait to tell all my friends about The Three Hares – The Jade Dragon Ball.


Overall it seems Eva’s friends really enjoyed The Three Hares – The Jade Dragon Ball and it’s lovely they have all been discussing the book at school and with other friends.

Do you have a book you would love to get your friends to review too? The Three Hares – The Jade Dragon Ball would be a great way to start a little book group with friends.