Izzy’s First Term At School

Izzy’s first term at school went surprisingly well. I was a little nervous for her to be honest but after running straight off to the paint table on the first day, I knew she’d settle ok. She goes into class happily each day and comes running out at home time happy. Starting reception has gone fairly well!

First Term

Izzy’s First Term – Toilet Training

As some of my regular readers may remember, Izzy started toilet training a few weeks before starting school. I am extremely thankful she’s managed a whole term with only one small accident at school. I expected a fair few more accidents! Izzy is confident using toilets anywhere, she can change herself if she does have an accident too which I am really pleased about. 

Pranking Teachers

Anyone that has met Izzy will know she is a joker! She loves to make people laugh and has a fantastic sense of humour. Izzy made this clear to her teachers from day one. For the first week or so children wear name badges to help teachers learn their names. Izzy is of course Isobella, so we reminded her this is what was on her name badge. Obviously Izzy’s mischievous brain decided that was a great way to prank her teachers. 

Several teachers spent a while calling Isobella, she acted oblivious. A learning support aid sat with her for a while and asked if her hearing was ok. She told Izzy teachers kept calling her but she wasn’t responding. Her reply? ‘I can hear them fine but I prefer Izzy!’. So of course the LSA suggested changing her name label to Izzy but she refused, leaving teachers confused all day! 

When the Mr collected her at the end of the first day he asked for Isobella, the teacher laughed and asked if he meant Izzy and explained what had happened. Izzy came bouncing out laughing her head off as she had pranked her teachers on the first day of school!!!

Making Friends

As anyone with a 4/5 year old in reception will know, you never hear the full story! Izzy says she has no friends yet according to the Mr comes out chatting to other children daily.

Eva was meeting Izzy at the dividing fence between upper and lower school for the first few weeks. Unfortunately, this led to Izzy getting upset each time Eva went back to class. I was also worried this may make it harder for Izzy to make friends at break time. The girls weren’t too happy about it but I encouraged them to play with their friends and catch up on the way home from school instead. 

Lunch Times

Izzy has a mix of packed lunches and school dinners across the week. She gets on well with her school dinners but I’m finding packed lunches can be tricky for her. She struggles to open her drink and some packets so occasionally she has come home with half her lunch & drink untouched. We have been using half term to teach her to do these things properly so hopefully next term there won’t be any issue.

Getting Ready

The idea of getting both girls ready each morning filled me with dread to be honest. Eva isn’t one for just getting on and doing what’s needed, she needs constant reminders which can be stressful! Thankfully Izzy is ready in under 5 minutes and can mostly dress herself, put on her shoes etc. This makes mornings easier than I had imagined, now I’m only left chasing one child around.

A Great Start

Overall, Izzy has had a great start in reception. She likes her teacher, loves the sandpit, paint table & play dough (nothing new there!) and seems to be getting on ok. She has moments where she say she doesn’t like school, but that’s more because she’d rather snuggle up with a film and mummy! 

How did your little ones get on in their first term?

Starting Reception & Toilet Training

Izzy is starting Reception today and she is so excited! She is really confident about going to school like Eva, she can’t wait to learn more and make friends. I guess having spent a lot of time picking Eva up from school and at school events, she feels confident about where she will be. It’s lovely to see her so excited but shocking realising how quickly these 4 years have flown by.

Starting Reception

Starting Reception

We’ve been waiting to hear from the school and finally got the call last week to collect the final forms. Having filled out & handed in the forms on Monday we were given Izzy’s start date. Her first day will be a half day followed by a week of half days, some before lunch, some after. She will get to take a packed lunch one day & have school dinners on the final 2 days to get used to the school day routine. Following that week she will be going full time like Eva (as she keeps pointing out!). 

Big girls off to school!

We’d been eagerly preparing with all her uniform, shoes, bag & coat bought just in time. She can’t wait to show off her Unicorn lunch bag, Mermaid name tags from MyNameTags & of course our new favourite food wrappings, Eco Food Wrap. Izzy loves her fruit and vegetables which requires a lot of packaging across a week. Our Eco Food Wraps will save us a lot of money, not to mention plastic waste!

Excited for reception

Toilet Training

Knowing Izzy was starting reception this September we knew we had to get on with toilet training. So far it’s mostly been a success, during the day pull-ups haven’t been needed in almost 3 weeks! Unlike Eva at that age, Izzy has no fear of toilets & will happily take herself. Something I’m rather grateful for as toilet training can be so scary for some children. Night times are going surprisingly well too. She’s stayed dry most nights and we’ll be giving no pull-ups a go over the weekend.

I can’t wait to see how Izzy gets on with her first day of school as she was so excited. Fingers crossed she is just as excited to return on Monday. Hopefully, the toilet training at night is as much of a success as the daytime has been!