(Almost) Mess Free Painting To Occupy Toddlers

I’m sure there are plenty of mum’s out there wishing there was mess free painting to occupy toddlers. It can be stressful getting the paint’s out. Whilst I don’t mind the actual mess or painted hands, I dread washing Izzy’s hair most of the time, although she is getting better it can be hell if she doesn’t listen. It’s difficult enough struggling to reach over to do her hair without chasing her around the bath too!

Izzy has been asking to paint over the last week and I’ve avoided it for that reason but today she came wandering in with a book I picked up quite a while a go and completely forgot about and asked to use it. The are ‘Magic’ Paint books, painting fun with none of the mess!

Mess free painting

These magic painting books are absolutely amazing, I can’t believe I forgot they even existed! I’m sure a few other parents have too so I figured I’d remind or introduce my readers to them so their toddlers can do some painting which is stress-free for mums and dads.

Having had a look through my stack of craft books, magazines, print-outs (I really must get a new printer!) I discovered we had a few different ones I’ve picked up. The dinosaur and farm animals ones we picked up from Wilko.

(almost) mess free painting

Keeping toddlers occupied

I’m so pleased we found these as Izzy absolutely loves painting and it’s kept her happy with the only possible mess being water and a tiny bit of the colour. It was easily cleaned off with a wet wipe, which Izzy also discovered can be used to ‘paint’ with haha! I even had the time to write this post in between chatting with Izzy and topping up her water pot.

Izzy loves discovering each colour and it’s really helping her fine motor skills. She tries so hard to keep it in the lines and rinses her brush each time. It’s a great little cheat that works for both of us although admittedly she did still get a little colour on her face.

I’ll definitely be getting these out a lot more and buying more. Eva came home from school and joined in too! It was lovely to see them both absorbed in an activity. I have been slacking majorly lately not just on the blog but with doing things with the girls too so simple activities like this are great! It got us chatting about colours & different shapes, Izzy loved naming everything in the picture too!


What do you think? Have you used these before?