The Boy Who Couldn’t By Rachel Coverdale

We received The Boy Who Couldn’t by Rachel Coverdale to review. Both Eva and I read the book and love the message behind it as well as the addition of animals.

The Boy Who Couldn't

The Boy Who Couldn’t

A stirring action-packed adventure story following two very different boys who are forced to create an uneasy friendship when their paths cross unexpectedly.

Illustration from The boy who couldn't

When James and Greg stumble upon a badger baiting plot by dangerous criminals, their tenuous relationship is tested to breaking point. Can they overcome their differences and fears to help each other and save the badgers?

A heartbreaking yet uplifting story about becoming the person you can be, not the person you are expected to be.

Woods - The boy who couldn't

James’ life has had a big change, as has Gregs. This leads to James’ dad becoming a stay at home dad while Gregs’ family life falls apart. James and his dad discover a badgers sett in the woods. Badgers are highly endangered so they agree to keep them a secret.

The secret of the badgers is soon shared when James, his dad and Ahmed come across Gregg injured in the woods. Gregg agrees to keep the badgers secret too, fascinated by their habits and happy to escape his unhappy home. It doesn’t take long for the boys to uncover dangerous criminals badger baiting. Can they work together to save the badgers?

Our Thoughts

Eva read The boy who couldn’t first and said she really enjoyed reading from both boys perspectives. The story is fast-paced and full of action with a twist at the end.

Rachel Coverdale

Rachel Coverdale was born and bred in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside in North East England. Raised with copious amounts of animals, and without the distraction of a modern TV set, she turned to bookers and her own imagination for entertainment. Animals were and still are a huge part of her life and inevitably they made their way into her stories. She is keen to promote animal welfare and wishes to raise awareness about the vulnerability of British wildlife, particularly badgers.

As an adult, Rachel has worked with many troubled children and is passionate about highlighting their plights and encouraging people to see the damaged child hiding behind the poor behaviour.

Rachel also writes books for younger children. Believing strongly in fresh air, nature and outdoor play to give children a sense of fun and freedom, she uses her books to encourage children to venture into the countryside.


    I really enjoyed this book - learnt a lot about badgers! I really liked that it was from both boys’ perspective.

    Rachael Stray | 5 years ago Reply

    Ah I'm so happy that you and your daughter enjoyed reading this and I'm thrilled that readers are picking up on the message behind it! :) :)

    Rachel Coverdale | 5 years ago Reply

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