Tooth Brushing Fun With Brush-Baby

The girls have had plenty of tooth brushing fun with Brush-Baby Products we received to review.

Brush-Baby are a company who offer a range of dental care products for babies, toddlers & children. From dental wipes for babies, chewable toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, toothpaste’s & floss brushes! Whatever you are looking for Brush-Baby will have a suitable product.


We received a package from Brush-Baby for the girls to try.

The girls both had different brushes and toothpastes suitable for their ages which they loved. Izzy received the 3-6 years Tutti Frutti Toothpaste & the 3-6 years Kidzsonic toothbrush. She gets on quite well with the toothpaste which surprised me as she can be quite fussy when it comes to flavoured toothpastes. Eva had the 6+ Spearmint toothpaste & 6+ Kidzsonic toothbrush.

They also received sticker charts & stickers to track their progress.

These helped encourage the girls to brush their teeth every morning and night. Both girls have been having plenty of fun using their special brushes and watching the colours change . I love that the Kidzsonic brushes flash for 2 minutes. I don’t have to worry about the girls knowing how long they need to brush their teeth for. It’s been quite nice seeing them get so excited about keeping their teeth clean & healthy.

After trying out the brushes and toothpaste for a few weeks both girls filled their charts completely!

Both girls really liked the designs on the brushes but absolutely loved the LED flashing light and like to turn off the bathroom light to brush their teeth. At one point I did have to hide the brushes in the kitchen unless needed as they loved them so much & kept sneaking off to brush their teeth haha!


I couldn’t recommend these products more as the girls have had so much fun brushing their teeth and it’s comforting to know they are will spend a full 2 minutes brushing each time. I have awful teeth due to not brushing properly as a child so it’s nice to know the girls will have healthy clean teeth at my age!

Izzy seems pretty impressed with the products on the back of her completed chart too!

I wish I had discovered Brush-Baby sooner as the dental care products for babies look fantastic, especially the dental wipes! Have you heard of Brush-Baby before? What do you think?


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