Tots Up Red Bus Reward Chart

The Tots Up Reward Chart

We were sent a Tots Up Red Bus Reward Chart to review. The Tots Up Reward Chart is a 3D Magnetic Red Bus with 10 people included to reward good behaviour. Izzy absolutely loves red buses which you may have noticed in a recent #MySundayPhoto so I had quite high hopes for the Tots Up Reward Chart. The chat also works with an IOS spp. I’m not a IOS user but there will be an android version being released sometime soon.

Tots Up Red Bus Reward Chart

Inside the box

The chart arrived including a magnetic board bus with a stand for the passengers to board and a magnetic board bus stop with stand for the passengers to ‘wait’ on before boarding the bus. A leaflet is included explaining how to set the chart up and how to use it. There are also letter stickers to spell out your child’s name on the bus. Izzy surprisingly decided she wanted her full name – Isobella on the bus so we got to work spelling it out with her.

Tots Up Red Bus Rewards Chart Contents

Using The Red Bus Reward Chart

We explained to Izzy what the chart was for and how to use it. Reward charts tend to work best when the child understands how they can earn a chance to add a passenger to their bus. With Izzy we decided she could add a person to her us each time she did some of the following:

  • Putting away her toys
  • Eating her food nicely
  • Walking nicely to/from school/town when she chooses to go
  • Putting her rubbish in the bin
  • Sharing & playing nicely with her sister
  • General good/helpful behaviour

We have also agreed she can pick her special treat each time she has 10 passengers on her bus.

 Bus Stop

So Far, So Good

The Red bus reward chart has worked really well with Izzy so far. She is really enjoying trying to find new ways to earn a chance to add another person to her bus. After Eva’s birthday Izzy was a little jealous and was a bit mean so the reward chart really helped encourage her to be nicer.

At £22.95 for this set it is well worth every penny. We will definitely be buying the 10 festive characters pack & 10 Animals pack so Izzy can swap between them on her reward chart. The Tots Up Bus Reward chart is also available in pink.

Izzy absolutely loves her reward chart and her behaviour has been much better in general since we started using it. I can see us using the reward chart for quite some time as it makes behaving much more fun. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the launch of the android app too!

Red Bus Reward Chart & Bus stop

What do you think of the Tots Up Red Bus Reward Chart? Do you use a reward chart with your little ones? How well have they got on with it?





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