Using Less Plastic For 2019

We’re planning on using less plastic for 2019. It’s no secret we use plastic far too much all around the world. We produce over 300 million tons of plastic every year with 8 million tons being dumped in our oceans. It is important more of us use alternatives where we can to reduce this waste.

Using Less Plastic For 2019

Using Too Much Plastic

I’m not going to pretend, I use far more plastic than I should. For 2019 I want to make an effort to change that. Last year we swapped from plastic shopping bags to bags for life and tote bags. We also reuse plastic bottles and packaging where we can. Also, we use refillable razors instead of disposable and we have reusable cups & bottles. I realise this just simply isn’t enough though and would love to keep finding new ways to go plastic free.

Using Less Plastic For 2019

Having been introduced to Eco Food Wrap last year for school packed lunches, we have reduced our plastic use. We’ve been sent a few more lovely samples recently too which will be used instead of plastic film and food bags. When I think about how many food bags alone we go through, it’s quite shocking really! Cheese is something that uses a lot of clingfilm being opened and re-wrapped across the week. Eco Food Wraps really reduces that constant waste.

Children love straws and my girls are no different but plastic straws should only be available to those who genuinely need them. There is definitely a need for plastic straws but the majority of us are perfectly able to use a different option. Paper straws we find aren’t always that great, those we have tried so far have gone soft and mushy long before the drink is finished.

Instead, we ordered 16 Bambooz Bamboo drinking straws. These came with a cleaning brush and a pouch for them to stay in. These straws can be washed and reused and with 16 we should be ok for a while. The girls have already found they prefer Bambooz straws as they are sturdier. Being able to wash them with the handy brush makes it easy to keep them clean.

Next, I am looking at shampoo bars to reduce our waste in the bathroom too. We go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner with 3 of us having hair long enough to sit on! I know Lush have a few so we will check there and online.

I’ll be looking for other ways to go plastic free this year too so if you know of a fab product then please do leave a comment of get in touch!

Are you trying to use less plastic?


    Depending on how young your kids are, and how responsible they are, metal straws may be an idea. You can get them on eBay for under a tenner, with a cleaning brush and box to store them in.
    I also have a collapsible metal straw I keep in my bag, for whenever I am out. £3 – £4 on eBay, comes with a cleaning wire and small travelling pot to store it in. It has rubber ends, and some have a little sticker that says “removable” but, for the love of God, DON’T remove the rubber ends!! To fix, it took ten minutes, two people, and more sweat and swearing than is decent!

    Vikki Murray | 5 years ago Reply

    I’m actually starting to reduce using of plastic this year. I always bring eco bag, whenever I go to grocery or wet market. I bought my metal straw. I want that food wrap though! Kyra Rodriguez recently posted...Important Considerations Involved in Plastic Injection MoldingMy Profile

    Kyra Rodriguez | 5 years ago Reply

    Oh, I’m guilty of having a lot of plastic bags but as an Asian, they are all folded neatly beneath the counter. We reuse them as much as we can. I challenge myself to achieve one goal each month and going plastic-free for a month is going to be a fun and beneficial challenge, that I could turn into a habit if I can manage it. Thanks for sharing this post. So helpful.

    Alax Pol | 4 years ago Reply

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