Win Prizes With Sudocrem Game Plus 3 Goody Bags To Giveaway

You can win prizes with Sudocrem this Christmas, win one of 3 goody bags entering the Rafflecopter below and head over to Facebook play Sudocrem’s fun new game. Sudocrem have launched their snowball fight game on Facebook where you can win a range of prizes until 31st December.

Win prizes with sudocrem facebook game

Snowball Fight Facebook Game

Sudocrem have launched their annual Facebook Game, a fun, frantic festive game. Users must help Sudocrem stop the Nappy Rash Gremlins from ruining Christmas. Sudocrem is one of the UK’s most recognisable family brands of nearly 90 years and they need your help to beat the Nappy Rash Gremlins.

Sudocrem game

Win Prizes

Sudocrem is one of the UK’s most recognisable family brands of nearly 90 years. They are rewarding users with an array of prizes from a bumper £2000 fund. Every entrant to complete game and earn over 1000 points will be entered into a prize draw to win a prize instantly. You can play daily to earn extra goes too! Simply head over to thir Facebook page and click on the ‘Sudocrem Snowball Fight’ competition app.

Prizes include:

• 5 x Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8
• 15 x £20 Amazon Vouchers
• 5 x £20 Mothercare Vouchers
• 5 Posca Make It Christmas Kits
• 20 x My Little Sudocrem Pot
• 10 x Sudocrem Recovery Cream 30g
• 3 X Bubblebum Car Booster Seats
• 8 x Uni-ball Prize Bundles  

Win 1 of 3 Sudocrem Goody Bags

On top of the chance to win prizes with Sudocrem/s facebook game, we have 3 Sudocrem goody bags to give away! For a chance to win simply complete the Rafflecoptor below.

These goody bags include:

·      Sudocrem Care & Protect      
·      Sudocrem Skin Care Cream 
·      A Sudocrem Bag
·      A Sudocrem Drinks Bottle
·      A Sudocrem Ball

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you played the Sudocrem Snowball Fight yet?


    14200 is my high score. it drives me mad haha

    Laura Wheatley | 12 months ago Reply

    1100 - just found it and warming up. I love it. 😁

    Lynda Graham | 12 months ago Reply


    Solange | 12 months ago Reply

    14000- i find it really difficult!

    kelly wheelhouse | 12 months ago Reply

    My high score is 15200. So frustrating. I play every day and can’t beat it haha x

    Emily Seldon | 12 months ago Reply


    angela wright | 12 months ago Reply

    I’m rubbish at this game. I’ve played several times but not got past 2000.

    Sue Carter | 12 months ago Reply

    My school was about 42000 and I still didn’t win a Kindle.

    Susan Jane Gray | 12 months ago Reply

    can't get the game to load

    paula cheadle | 12 months ago Reply


    Darrell Perry | 12 months ago Reply


    Claire Woods | 12 months ago Reply

    14200 is my highest score.

    Caron Twyman | 12 months ago Reply


    vera Bahounkova | 12 months ago Reply

    What is your high score?

    l played a few times and keep scoring . . . . . . 0

    Chris Andrews | 12 months ago Reply

    There is no way I can reach 1000, I’ll have to keep trying!

    Arabella Bazley | 12 months ago Reply

    0- I couldn't work out how to play it!

    Gill Williams | 12 months ago Reply


    Kristyn Harris | 12 months ago Reply


    Mike Gerrie | 12 months ago Reply

    I don't get very far, about 2100

    Sheri Darby | 12 months ago Reply

    Not very good at it 1600

    Sheena Batey | 12 months ago Reply

    only 4400 so far! but need more practice!

    pete c | 12 months ago Reply


    Theresa Thomas | 12 months ago Reply

    I scored 1500 and enjoyed it.

    Anthea Holloway | 12 months ago Reply


    Adrian Bold | 12 months ago Reply

    I am so rubbish.....less than anyone here!

    Carolyn e | 12 months ago Reply

    Not great but better than last year I think! 2100

    Katie Skeoch | 12 months ago Reply

    1700 – oh dear! It’s fun though 🙂

    Anita | 12 months ago Reply


    D Harris | 12 months ago Reply

    1200, so bad! it is a bit of fun, so no worries!!

    Ruth Harwood | 12 months ago Reply


    Kate Leather | 12 months ago Reply

    I’m rubbish at it lol

    Denise walton | 12 months ago Reply

    1300 I guess that’s terrible compared to some of these answers!

    Lia Burns | 11 months ago Reply


    Tracy Gladman | 11 months ago Reply


    Tammy Neal | 11 months ago Reply

    I'm so bad at this! I just got to 700

    Amy Jo McLellan | 11 months ago Reply

    I’m not very good 2130

    Linda Curtis | 11 months ago Reply


    Jeanette Leighton | 11 months ago Reply

    I’m rubbish, 500!

    Andrea F | 11 months ago Reply

    1,100 not very good at this game 😆

    Kim Neville | 11 months ago Reply


    john prendergast | 11 months ago Reply

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